Friday, August 20, 2010

Some vintage jewelry I have picked up in the past....

These are some pictures of my vintage jewelry collection, please enjoy.

This is a really cool piece I found at the Goodwill for about $2. I saw a white one on Chictopia as past of their Chicpoints tutorial and was wondering if maybe this is more special than I thought ???
These beads are a pretty color blue and very very heavy. I found this at the Goodwill for about $2.

Three pretty rings. The first (turquoise) was my boyfriend's grandmother's ring. I am not sure how authentic the stone is, but I love it nonetheless. The second ring is from the end of a spoon and the last is a fork ring, pretty cool right?
This picture does not do this necklace any justice, but this is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. The stones are a light purple hue, yet almost transluscent. Purchased at The Green Eyed Lady in West Chester, PA.

Great piece of Robert Rose costume jewelry. I found this at The Green Eyed Lady in West Chester, PA. The store specializes in vintage accessories, mostly jewelry.

Awesome cameo earrings with a slight bow and pearl detail. A great vintage find from Malena's Vintage Boutique in West Chester, PA.

Beautiful flower pin given to me as a gift from my old voice lesson instructor. It was her grandmother's and she knew how much I loved fashion.

This is a cameo pin I picked up a Malena's Vintage Boutique in West Chester, PA for about $10-$15, I can't really remember... It is beautiful though and it gets a lot of second looks.
Hope you enjoyed these pictures... I am thinking about doing a post on my collection of furs next. They are old and vintage (with other people's monograms) and I don't support killing animals


  1. You have some really beautiful pieces. I'm in love with the cameo earrings and the brooch. Also, did you make the spoon and fork rings yourself? They're so original! I love the fork one especially.

  2. No, I wish I was that talented. I found them in a specialty jewelry shop. I am sure Etsy has some pieces quite similar if you are ever looking for some silverware jewelry :-)

  3. I love all your pieces, specially the rings. I'm looking foward to see the furs... :-)

  4. Absolutely fabulous pieces..