Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fashion Magazine Recommendations

For those of you who enjoy reading magazines dealing with women's issues such as fashion, beauty, and sex I would recommend you stick to Glamour or Cosmo. If you are like ME then you want to focus on fashion without reading about 50 tips for an incredible orgasm or how to heal a broken heart. I am going to create sub-catagory magazine recommendations that I feel are the most enjoyable.

My favorite
Oh how I love Lucky... pure fashion. While I love couture and edgy editorials, Lucky is so much more grounded. They had a recent change in editors

All Around Best Fashion Magazine
This is a great magazine for anyone who has a general interest in fashion, beauty, and the arts. If you are familiar with most designers, models, and photographers you should enjoy this magazine and the editorials.

Runners up: Elle, British Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar

Celeb Style
-People Style Watch
This magazine tends to focus on celebrities and their style. They make layouts for how you can replicate the looks within the magazine on your own. Not a magazine for the individualist or for street style.

While this focuses less on celebrity style than People Style Watch, I feel that it is one of the main components of the magazine. My aunt and I often comment that it is too celebrity heavy for us even though they do have great interior decorating sections. I once found a great article on bookshelf organization within this magazine and loved it.

Runway Fashion
-WWD Collections
WWD has long been a fashion industry staple. A year-long subscription is very expensive but I somehow lucked out and got a subscription for $75 on Barnes and Noble's website. I get the paper Monday-Friday and love it to death. It deals with the various aspects of the fashion world such as business, finance, and the after parties. IF you do not want a subscription to the daily paper you can purchase my recommendation, the WWD Collections magazine. This shows the various collections from NY, London, Paris, and Milan during the spring and fall collections. It costs about $10 at a bookstore but is included in the daily newspaper subscription.

Artisitic yet fashionable
- Nylon Magazine
I started reading Nylon magazine and can credit it as the cause of my great personal style shift.
It was around 2007 when I started reading this magazine and began collecting it. The magazine offers great fashions editorials, music recommendations, travel stories, and fun make-up tips. One thing I always loved about the magazine was the final page which includes the purse/bag of a select person from the fashion/entertainment industry. They display the bag and its contents is done in such a fun way.

Runners up: AnOther, Zink

My most recent magazine subscription
This is a canadian fashion magazine that I bought a digital issue of in the winter. I loved it. It reminds me of one of my favorite defunct fashion magazines, Ellegirl. Although the ads and prices will be in Canadian amounts I think I can look past that as my focus is the fashion.

Hope this helps you the next time you are at the newsstand!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My new bag!

I love this new bag I got at DSW a few weeks ago. I had just thrown out my old black clutch and decided I needed something new, with a shoulder strap. It looks small but actually holds a lot of items. The chain strap is very sturdy, this will be a going out bag for sure. I strongly advise you sign up for DSW rewards. I get $10 gift certificates all the time. The rewards program is free too!

Monday, April 25, 2011

School of Style

I am so excited to announce that I will be attending the School of Style this July in Manhattan. The School of Style is a place where potential stylists go to learn the ins and outs of the styling business. It is run by Luke Storey, who is a celebrity wardrobe stylist and Lauren Messiah, a fashion stylist and blogger. I will be taking classes one and two as class three is only offered in Los Angeles. In these classes I will will learn the business aspect of styling, pronunciation of fashion designers, age appropriate dressing, styling kit composition, and much more.

The classes will be held at The Ace Hotel in Midtown on July 16th-18th. I feel that this will be a great way to learn more about being a stylist as I already have taken a course on Fashion Styling through the American College of Professional Styling on-line. Styling is something that has always fascinated me, especially since it doesn't involve intense sewing or drawing. I admire fashion designers but do not have those types of skills.

I realize that I may never be the next Pat Fields (althought that would be incredible), I would love to help people refurbish their wardrobes and look better in their everyday lives. Hopefully the hard work will pay off. If you are interested in the classes, the class one and two combo costs $750. The Ace Hotel is offering a discounted stay to those taking the class, I however, am lucky enough to be able to stay at my aunt's house in Westchester county and take the train in (much much cheaper

Photo from School of Style website, Lauren and Luke

A look back at my favorite winter outfit

As spring has sprung and summer is on the way, I am looking back at some outfits I wore over the winter... I found my favorite. It is eclectic, lady-like, and chic. I wish I could turn it into a summer outfit somehow, but that furry hat just wouldn't work here in Pennsylvania. The hat itself cost $3 at Target in their winter clearance. The blazer is from H&M, I love its Chanel-esque quality. The dress is also H&M from about 2008. These were the days when I did not have much spending money so when I saw it on clearance I had to buy it considering I yearned for it at full price. It is also the dress I wore on my first Valentine's with Michael, my boyfriend. The gloves are from TJ Maxx, no idea what brand but I feel the grommets add a bit of edge that every girly outfit needs. The shoes are from Forever 21, an online purchase I made using a Christmas giftcard. I just had to have a pair of heels with platforms with a color that works with pretty much everything.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Outfit Post

Just thought I would post some outfit pictures from today and Friday. The first one is me near a local creek during a walk with the boyfriend. The sunnies are from my local TJ Maxx and are Betsey Johnson. Very cute. The dress is a cheap one from Forever 21. It is a hot Easter Sunday. I can remember having snowy Easters when I was a little girl.

 I bought the coat below back in the fall and have been waiting until now to wear it. I love the color. The dress and coat are both from Forever 21.

I hope you all have a happy Easter Sunday. If you live in the Northeast U.S., enjoy this weather!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Clinique Chubby Sticks

Just checked out my local Clinique counter only to find that the Chubby Stick was sold out! Every color! I will have to patiently wait for my cute little burst of color to arrive. I am not a fan of lipsticks or heavy goopy glosses so this is ideal for me. I feel that my lips tend to look pale and take away from the life in my face. The Chubby Stick is like a balm with color in a really cute crayon-like pencil. Bonus: You don't need a sharpener for it!

I am thinking that I will buy the shade called Mega Melon. Here is a link to Sephora's website where you can purchase them.
Photo courtesy of Temptalia.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two purses I am craving...

I have never bought myself a really high end hand bag in the past. For the longest time I wasn't really into bags but lately I have seen some that I adore. My wish-list bags include a Furla Candy bag and a Charlotte Olympia by Charlotte Dellal banana clutch. Both bags are high end but with a slighty low end price. Right now I am investing a lot of money into my Jeep Wrangler which needs rims, which my boyfriend refers to as 'car shoes'. I love my Jeep to death and do agree she needs a makeover. Once all that is done I will try to save up for one of these bags, most likely the Candy as it is more useful (I need a bigger bag). They Candy bag comes in an array of colors, I think I would like the green one best. It might be better that I can't afford one right now as they are sold out pretty much everywhere. Wish me luck!

Photo courtesy of The Backseat Stylers

Photo courtesy of Become Gorgeous

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good Fashion Reads

On a rainy day like today, or better yet the beach (summer is on the way!) it is nice to have a good read to relax with and pass the time away. Today I am going to be offering suggestions for good fashion reads, most of which are on my bookshelf, which is about ready to fall over... what can I say that is what I get for buying the cheap bookcase.

My first recommendation would be Front Row: Anna Wintour: The Cool Life and Hot Times of Vogue's Editor in chief. This biography by Jerry Oppenheimer tells the life story of Nuclear Wintour as some call her. From her careless youth in London to her move to NYC, this is a great account of Anna's life and ascent to editor of the fashion bible.

For thos of you who are interested in street style, I recommend that you give Scott Schuman's book The Sartorialist a look. For those of you are are thinking, "Who is Scott Schuman?" you might want to check out his photo blog. He captures great street style shots from around the globe from models to mortals. Here is a link to his blog.

The next duo of authors are Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen. Their book Influence tells the story of their inspiration for their fashion lines. It is a great coffee table book and shows that these girls have come so far from Walmart glitter eye shadow (I will be the first to admit that I had multiple cosmetic products from their line as I was too old for the clothes). They have great interviews with fashion industry heavy hitters such as Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld and DVF. The pictures are great as well.

Another great book if you are interested in street style is Street: The Nylon Book of Global Style . I really enjoy this photo book and all the faces and places that are encountered such as New York, London, and Paris. As far as I know a new edition has been released but I have not purchased it yet but probably will in the future as street style is such a huge inspiration to me and my personal style choices.

If you ever watched the show Kell on Earth on Bravo, you know that People's Revolution tycoon Kelly Cutrone is very ehh honest... to say the least. Her book If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You is a look inside her fast paced lifestyle as one of the most famous fashion publicists of our time. Although she lives a rather normal life now, she had quite a few trials and tribulations in the past. She is releasing a new book on May 3rd called Normal Gets You Nowhere, pre-order it here.

I hope you get a chance to check out at least one of these books! I have linked them all to websites where they can be purchased. If you are on a budget don't forget about the library!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My all time favorite fashionista... Miss Carrie Bradshaw

I know to some of you the whole Sex and the City era is over, but to me it will always be an illuminating view of personal style that bends our minds past normalcy. Besides the fashion aspect of the show, we are given a new view of New York, no knock-offs from Canal or burgers at Planet Hollywood. We see NYC at its best, from Buddakhan to Barney's. If I could trade lives for one day with any fictional character, Carrie it would be. Let's take a look at her closet and choices...

Season 1

I can only imagine what first time viewers (I can assure you I was not one of them, way too young) thought of Miss Carrie and her vintage furs and naked dress. When I saw them many years later, I was in love.

Photo courtesy of A Gal’s Right to Style

Season 2

Carrie’s style is still a lot of fun but she talks about evolving her look because of the lack of evolution with Big. I love this fishnet/bra combo that is so daring and fun.

Photo courtesy of HBO

Season 3

I feel as though in season 3 Carrie’s style becomes very romantic especially in the beginning of the season with her vintage Halston. I actually got to see the dress below at a vintage store in Westchester county.

Photo courtesy of MyStyle

Season 4

One of my favorite outfits from season 4 is Carrie’s business chic look for her meeting at Vogue. Love the cameo she pairs with it. So memorable.

Photo courtesy of BriTunes 2

Season 5

I love this season because Carrie cuts her hair short and looks so dramatically different. My pick from this season is the final episode’s pink dress that was made for SJP but Pat Fields to hide her baby bump.

Photo courtesy of Couture Rehab

Season 6

Ah so many outfits in this two part season but I do have a favorite…

Photo courtesy of Style Feeder

Carrie Bradshaw will go down in fashion history as an icon, I have no doubt in my mind. Her character opened my mind to new styles and to a new place… NYC. I am so thankful for re-runs because I have to say that Carrie’s earlier looks were my absolute favorite. I think I will leave off with a quote by Carrie about fashion…

When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more.

Now I think I will go watch some re-runs… they never get old for me.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finally got my Lesportsac!

I had been wanting this bag for a very long time. Although not my ideal style of Lesportsac, the print is what I really craved.... DIAMONDS! I got it at DSW and lucky for me, the pricetag was missing. The cashier, who seemed to not really care, found a bag similar in shape, but smaller. She gave me the bag for that price and I did not say a word about the size differential. Go me! Anyways, here she is:

Lesportsac is a great brand made with durable materials and fun prints in all shapes and sizes. If you have a DSW location near you, hit up the purse section!


For anyone who loves fashion magazines, especially foreign titles, Zinio is the place to buy e-magazines for a lower price than the print edition. They offer a lot of various titles other than fashion as well. I ended up getting 3 free e-mags just for signing up for the service, I didn't even have to give them my credit card number. Recently, they sent me a $5 credit which I was able to buy 2 mags with, and they were mags from the U.K. which are usually expensive. This month's issue of Elle is $.99. Some of my favorite titles include: Company (UK), LouLou (CAN), Flare (CAN), Nylon (US). I won't lie, I do love the feeling of a magazine but at these prices you can't say no. All you need to do is go to the website and sign up. You will have to download their reader but it doesn't take long and allows you to read titles even without internet access. All in all I think Zinio is a great website and a money saver.