Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fashion Magazine Recommendations

For those of you who enjoy reading magazines dealing with women's issues such as fashion, beauty, and sex I would recommend you stick to Glamour or Cosmo. If you are like ME then you want to focus on fashion without reading about 50 tips for an incredible orgasm or how to heal a broken heart. I am going to create sub-catagory magazine recommendations that I feel are the most enjoyable.

My favorite
Oh how I love Lucky... pure fashion. While I love couture and edgy editorials, Lucky is so much more grounded. They had a recent change in editors

All Around Best Fashion Magazine
This is a great magazine for anyone who has a general interest in fashion, beauty, and the arts. If you are familiar with most designers, models, and photographers you should enjoy this magazine and the editorials.

Runners up: Elle, British Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar

Celeb Style
-People Style Watch
This magazine tends to focus on celebrities and their style. They make layouts for how you can replicate the looks within the magazine on your own. Not a magazine for the individualist or for street style.

While this focuses less on celebrity style than People Style Watch, I feel that it is one of the main components of the magazine. My aunt and I often comment that it is too celebrity heavy for us even though they do have great interior decorating sections. I once found a great article on bookshelf organization within this magazine and loved it.

Runway Fashion
-WWD Collections
WWD has long been a fashion industry staple. A year-long subscription is very expensive but I somehow lucked out and got a subscription for $75 on Barnes and Noble's website. I get the paper Monday-Friday and love it to death. It deals with the various aspects of the fashion world such as business, finance, and the after parties. IF you do not want a subscription to the daily paper you can purchase my recommendation, the WWD Collections magazine. This shows the various collections from NY, London, Paris, and Milan during the spring and fall collections. It costs about $10 at a bookstore but is included in the daily newspaper subscription.

Artisitic yet fashionable
- Nylon Magazine
I started reading Nylon magazine and can credit it as the cause of my great personal style shift.
It was around 2007 when I started reading this magazine and began collecting it. The magazine offers great fashions editorials, music recommendations, travel stories, and fun make-up tips. One thing I always loved about the magazine was the final page which includes the purse/bag of a select person from the fashion/entertainment industry. They display the bag and its contents is done in such a fun way.

Runners up: AnOther, Zink

My most recent magazine subscription
This is a canadian fashion magazine that I bought a digital issue of in the winter. I loved it. It reminds me of one of my favorite defunct fashion magazines, Ellegirl. Although the ads and prices will be in Canadian amounts I think I can look past that as my focus is the fashion.

Hope this helps you the next time you are at the newsstand!

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