Monday, April 25, 2011

School of Style

I am so excited to announce that I will be attending the School of Style this July in Manhattan. The School of Style is a place where potential stylists go to learn the ins and outs of the styling business. It is run by Luke Storey, who is a celebrity wardrobe stylist and Lauren Messiah, a fashion stylist and blogger. I will be taking classes one and two as class three is only offered in Los Angeles. In these classes I will will learn the business aspect of styling, pronunciation of fashion designers, age appropriate dressing, styling kit composition, and much more.

The classes will be held at The Ace Hotel in Midtown on July 16th-18th. I feel that this will be a great way to learn more about being a stylist as I already have taken a course on Fashion Styling through the American College of Professional Styling on-line. Styling is something that has always fascinated me, especially since it doesn't involve intense sewing or drawing. I admire fashion designers but do not have those types of skills.

I realize that I may never be the next Pat Fields (althought that would be incredible), I would love to help people refurbish their wardrobes and look better in their everyday lives. Hopefully the hard work will pay off. If you are interested in the classes, the class one and two combo costs $750. The Ace Hotel is offering a discounted stay to those taking the class, I however, am lucky enough to be able to stay at my aunt's house in Westchester county and take the train in (much much cheaper

Photo from School of Style website, Lauren and Luke

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