Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two purses I am craving...

I have never bought myself a really high end hand bag in the past. For the longest time I wasn't really into bags but lately I have seen some that I adore. My wish-list bags include a Furla Candy bag and a Charlotte Olympia by Charlotte Dellal banana clutch. Both bags are high end but with a slighty low end price. Right now I am investing a lot of money into my Jeep Wrangler which needs rims, which my boyfriend refers to as 'car shoes'. I love my Jeep to death and do agree she needs a makeover. Once all that is done I will try to save up for one of these bags, most likely the Candy as it is more useful (I need a bigger bag). They Candy bag comes in an array of colors, I think I would like the green one best. It might be better that I can't afford one right now as they are sold out pretty much everywhere. Wish me luck!

Photo courtesy of The Backseat Stylers

Photo courtesy of Become Gorgeous


  1. Your boyfriend's right, your car deserves some makeover. I mean, every car does. Nothin' beats the feeling of driving a well-groomed car, ya know. Hope to see how your car turns out.