Saturday, May 21, 2011

Check out these Baekgaard finds from my local TJMaxx

I was so intrigued by the display of Baekgaard goods at my local TJMaxx store. I bought some of the products and went home only to find out that the company was going defunct after its owner passed away. Peer Baekgaard was married to the co-founder of Vera Bradley. This man was very creative and it is sad that the accessories world has lost such a talented mind. I made sure to make a second trip to score some more accessories before they were gone for good. The prices were fantastic, ranging from $2.99 to $14.99. I am seeing some of these goods selling on Ebay for much more…  Below are my finds, love the colors and prints.

IMG_0634 I love this small wallet with the change clasp…it has a lavender interior.

IMG_0636 The matching envelope! So cute!

IMG_0635Yet another envelope, but in a bright blue patent.

IMG_0637Fun pink clutch, the most expensive item from the group… def. a keeper as I just donated my old pink clutch to the Goodwill.

IMG_0638  Love this deep purple-blue color and the detail on the wallet.

IMG_0639These are called clam-shell cases I believe. Very cute.

IMG_0640 A fun wristlet for going out. I will keep this one as well.

IMG_0641 Luggage tag! Fun coral color.

IMG_0643 By far my favorite, could be used as a pencil case… or make-up brush case.


All in all I only spent around $70 bucks… the first wallet alone used to retail for $42. Yet another reason why TJMaxx rocks.

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