Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mexican Jewelry

In the summer of 2008, I traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico for a study abroad program. One aspect of Mexican culture that I loved was the street fairs. These tend to occur in just about every part of the city once or more a week. My favorite part of these street fairs was the jewelry stands. You could get all sorts of bracelets and necklaces for next to nothing. One of the most popular themes was religious items including the Virgin of Guadalupe. I would buy as many as possible and pile them on my arms, which seems to be a fairly new trend among celebrities and the style elite. Sadly, when I returned to the U.S. there were few places to find such jewelry. Until yesterday, while at my favorite jewelry store (The Green Eyed Lady, Kennett Square), I noticed a bracelet with the Virgin of Guadalupe in the center. I had to have it, and for $5 I think it was a fair purchase. Below are some of my pieces from Mexico and the new bracelet.

This is my religious icon bracelet. These you can buy online but they are so overpriced. I paid about $2 for mine in Mexico.


The following is a plain but unique leather bracelet that I bought there. Leather is so cheap in Mexico.


Next  is a simple woven bracelet made from different shades of vibrancy.


Every city tends to make jewelry of some sort that promotes the city. We traveled to Guanajuato, Mexico one weekend where I bought this bracelet.  The city’s symbol is the frog, hence the design. 


Finally, my new bracelet that I am super excited about.


Whenever you travel to a new place, check out the local shops/street fairs. I know that Mexico is not the safest place to be right now but I hope to one day be able to return and see my host family and friends. I miss them very much.

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