Sunday, May 29, 2011

New finds from the Goodwill!

I took a trip yesterday to the Goodwill in Thorndale, Pennsylvania. To my delight, I scored quite a few pieces of vintage items. The first, and my favorite is a crop top with a tie. It has this incredible print and fits me perfectly.


And an up-close shot of the print…


The next piece is a slip. Now many of you I am sure think of a slip as underwear. I do not. All you need is a newer modern nude slip to go under this fabulous vintage one. You can find cheap slips at TJMaxx and Target.


Once more some extra detailed shots…



The next item is this awesome dress with fun cut-outs. This dress would also require a slip, or maybe if you are brave some fun undergarments.


You just have to see the close-up detail. The criss-crossed part is all cut out and shows off your shoulders.


The last thing I purchased is this fun beaded necklace. Not sure if it is vintage or not but I have been bored with my jewelry as of late and needed something new.



Hope you enjoyed these new pieces. Always remember when vintage shopping to thoroughly inspect garments for stains and signs of wear. Do not pay attention to sizes either. Just try things on as sizes today are not what they were yesterday. Don’t let certain aspects of vintage shopping scare you, the first shirt that I am in love with had huge should pads. I took them out in about five seconds and voila! A new look is born. You can also switch out buttons as well for a new look.

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