Sunday, May 15, 2011

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years”

Yesterday I ventured to New York City with my boyfriend and close friends. It was an ideal day for visiting and I miss it already. I got to visit Around the World Magazines which was incredible. It has any old regular magazine you can imagine plus just about every fashion magazine from every country that prints them. I was extremely overwhelmed by all of it the entire time and ended up making one single purchase. LOOK magazine from the UK it was. It is like our Life and Style but with more emphasis on the style part and less on the celeb gossip. Plus it was a special edition for the Royal Wedding. I am thinking I should hold on to it and not send it to be recycled.
All in all the day was great. We hit up the Park and had some amazing steaks at Les Halles. The BEST part of the trip was an amazing flea/vintage market on Perry Street. This was just incredible and to make things better, it is the street where Sex and the City exteriors (Carrie's brownstone) were shot. Of course the house has a chain across it... I really wanted a picture... le sigh. For most people Manhattan is a place that is overcrowded, smelly, dirty, scary, etc. For me it is a place where thousands of people from around the world co-exist in a place where boredom seldom strikes you as you are at the epicenter of humanity.

P.S. I saw the construction on the Freedom Tower, it is going to be huge. So proud to be an American.

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