Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Closet Cleaning

One of the most important things for us fashionistas to do is a good closet cleaning at least two times a year. There are many reasons why, including:

-weight loss/gain
- faded/worn garments
- style that you have grown out of
- impulse buy that you wore maybe once
- you need more space

A good rule of thumb is if you are going to buy a new summer/winter wardrobe, do a closet cleaning. You will benefit from it and others will as well, as you SHOULD donate what you can to charity. I am not a person who wears or can afford to wear high end clothing so I do not feel bad about donating my H&M castoffs. If you are fortunate enough to wears labels, then go to a consignment store and get some cash in return. There is one place that does non high end consigment called Plato's closet. I have been to one once and they seem to take a multitude of different lower end labels. The only thing is that you might not get that much money back. I like donating because it gives me a good feeling and karma points. I take very good care of my clothes and feel that someone in need could benefit from them as well.

When clearing out your clothes you need to look for signs of wear such as fading or snags. I could be madly in love with a two year old sweater, but if it looks like it sat in the sun for a month, I donate it. I lost ten pounds last summer and plan on losing another five this summer so I have a lot of clothes that don't quite fit me anymore. I am not one of those people who keep things "just in case the weight comes back". What is the point of being on a diet in you don't have that much confidence in yourself? Anything too big or too little needs to go.

Pay attention to your body shape. I just added some clothes to my donate pile that just didn't do anything for my body. For me, anything that resembled a curtain went into the pile. I like my clothes to fit and not add weight to my frame.

I am pretty good about throwing away shoes. I am one of those girls who scuffs shoes constantly. I never got how people can wear stilettos and not crash the tip of the shoe into things. If a shoe has a tip, I am bound to scrape it. I can only do my best Julia Roberts sharpie trick with so many shoes. The more exotic the color, the less likely it is that I will be able to fill in the scrape. After so long, it is time to say goodbye.

The most important question you have to ask yourself is, "Will I ever wear this again?" YOU NEED TO BE HONEST! Really take time to think when the last time was you wore that particular item... The one year rule is a good one but some items can be cut down to six months, like a pair of shorts you didn't wear from April to October. If you lie to yourself you will end up with an over-crowded closet.

Make sure you look on-line for your nearest donation center after you do your cleanse!

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