Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Closet Clean Out Offer for Chester and Delaware County Residents!

For the month of July I am offering a special summer discount on my closet cleanout services. The fee will be $80 for a two hour session ($25 for every extra half hour, $50 for every extra hour). The session will include an initial purge of the dated, worn, or just plain last year (or maybe even decade). Afterwards, I will help organize your closet and discuss how to expand your wardrobe with pieces that you already own. We will discuss what colors look best on you as well as what to wear to compliment your body shape and hide those problem areas (we all have them!) When I leave, I will take all your belongings that you have purged (think "What Not to Wear") and donate them to the local Goodwill. DO THIS FOR YOURSELF! YOU DESERVE IT!

If you have any further questions please email me at bm628825@gmail.com. I am located in Kennett Square.

"I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet."
- Carrie Bradshaw

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Check out my online vintage e-boutique!


Right now I have five items up as that is all the 'free' plan allows me to have. The boutique is U.S. shipping only. Shipping rates can be found on the site. If you have any questions please email me at bm628825@gmail.com

Monday, June 27, 2011

Changing my spending habits

So after looking at what I will be owing on student loans starting next month I have decided to change my spending habits. I am trying the absolute best that I can to shop exclusively at thrift stores. I love them anyways, so it wasn’t a hard decision. That being said here are some new finds with prices!


Love this shirt! It was only $1.75 at the Salvation Army!  The purple is so complimentary to the red and blue. It fits perfectly and will work with pretty much anything in my wardrobe which is what you need to look for when spending on a budget.IMG_0942

This dress is incredible. It has to be from the 70’s. The tag is yellowed as are the buttons. No worries! Replacing buttons is one the best ways to spruce up a piece of thrifted clothing. The dress cost me a whopping $5.

IMG_0943Some up close detail.


The next two finds I like to think of as fate. They are both B’s, which is my first initial. I saw the pin at a Goodwill and impulsively bought it. It was only $3. Such a cool find.

Next to the pin is a necklace from the Green Eyed Lady in Kennett Square, PA. It cost me $14, a little high but I settled for the B after I checked out the price of a pin I had been wanting… $90. Sometimes you just have to talk it out in your head and tell yourself that $90 is way too much for a pin.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Peek A Boo

I have been really loving the sheer, see-through look lately. This top is from TJMaxx and most people would wear it over a cami or tank. I decided to wear it over a bralette/corset from H&M. It was covered just enough that I didn’t feel like a hooker. I will be experimenting much more with this concept during the summer.

IMG_0934  Top~TJMaxx, Bralette~H&M, Shorts~TJMaxx, Shoes~DSW, Purse~Steve and Barry’s (defunct)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My first friend to get married!

Yesterday I got to see my kind and beautiful friend Kelly get married. She was my first friend to get married and it was lovely. I do have to say that the feeling was strange, like we are growing up. I feel like just yesterday I was playing wedding with Ken and Barbie and now people my age can and do get married.


Sam, Kelly, Moi

As you can see, she looked beautiful. Sam and I didn’t look to shabby either.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My fake Hermes bracelets!

So for the longest time I have been pining away for an Hermes cuff, which I knew would never happen. Lucky for me, I stumbled up on these babies at Target. I have no idea how the makers of this bracelet have not been sued. They are not perfect replicas or exactly the same, but they are pretty darn similar. I was at home visiting my dad and he offered to buy me one, so I bought me another. Of course he had no idea what Hermes was, but thought they were pretty badass anyways. They were both under $20.

Another thing I got to do while I was home was go thrift shopping. It was a blast and ended up making quite a few purchases, including a little boy's blazer which I am planning on adding some chunky gold buttons to one it gets cleaned. I will post those soon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are school uniforms more prone to cause an eclectic fashionista?

From the time I was in first grade (they were kind enough to spare the Kindergartners uniforms) until 12th grade, I wore some type of a school uniform. I was in Catholic school from 1st-8th grade followed by public school with a strict dress code from 9th-12th grade. Looking back, my wardrobe was repressed during most of my childhood into young adulthood. I always enjoyed picking out my “fun” clothes during those years, but didn’t come into my obsession with fashion until college. Now I know why… FREEDOM! I never understood why people in their pajamas in college saddened me until now. They probably had sartorial freedom their entire life.

Now that I have the freedom to wear what I want, I would have to say I have a very eclectic wardrobe. Just today at various thrift shops, I noticed myself going towards the kookiest things. Now I am not saying that people can’t have eclectic wardrobes if they never wore uniforms. What I AM saying is that I feel that wardrobe repression can lead to very creative fashionistas. I was starved for beauty. I am surprised I didn’t go blind the first time I walked in Forever 21 with all the COLOR. Shocking I know. My Catholic school girl uniform consisted of a hideous dark gray skirt with the weirdest plaid lines. On top we wore white polos or white cotton long sleeve blouses. It if were cold we could wear a maroon cardigan or sweater vest. GAG ME.

The year before I got to public school they passed a dress code. JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I HAD MY CHANCE! We were allowed to wear black pants, navy pants, gray pants, and of course (most ugly) KHAKI pants. Skirts were allowed as long as they reached an appropriate length. Yours truly ended up in ISS quite a few times for hers. For tops we were allowed white, black, navy, red, gray, and (DRUM ROLL) PINK. They added pink during my time there because the dress code was sexist or some bullshit.

BLINDED BY THE COLORS!!! Can you imagine my face at the thought of neon green tights or a hot pink skirt? I knew these types of clothing existed but not in my “school” life. Now I wear sequins, feathers, and neon on a frequent basis. So glad I am out of that stage of my life, it was quite miserable. BRING ON THE COLORS! What do you think about school dress codes or uniforms?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The birthday is looming...

Ah yes, my 23rd birthday is right around the corner. This year I have decided to go with a Moroccan themed birthday. Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, I have decided to go with Marrakesh in Philadelphia. It supposedly is an extremely authentic restaurant complete with a seven course meal, cushion seating, and even belly dancers! Okay, I don't think they are there all the time but it sounds exotic. I love love love Moroccan food and the spices that they use and am beyond excited for the experience. This picture below from Lonely Planet is so beautiful and inspiring. This will provide a fun outfit post for sure.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My favorite fashion film: The September Issue

For any of you who have Netflix instant, I suggest you check out The Septembet Issue. RJ Cutler's look into the fashion world is both serious yet witty. You are taken around the offices of Vogue near Times Square and introduced to some of the magazine heavy hitters such as Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley, Grace Coddington, and many more. While most people do not take fashion seriously, I think that this film shows the great amount of work that goes into a fashion magazine as well as the talent it takes to put it all together. The September issue of any fashion mag is the yearly Bible, although most resemble a telephone book when it comes to size. Most of the pages consist of advertisements from various companies as this ignites a war between the various mags in existence to be on top for ad pages.The film focuses on individual's lives as well as the various editorials done within the issue. Please let me know when editorial is your favorite! I would have to say mine is 'texture' with Grace Coddington. I think after watching the film you will be enamored with her and her kind disposition.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meets Obsession

I am happy to announce that I have been accepted to write for the edgy, yet honest fashion wesbite Meets Obsession. I will be starting out next Wednesday and Thursday, writing about some interesting topics. I am beyond excited for such a cool opportunity such as this. School (and my teaching year) are about to end which means I have all summer to dedicate to MO, blogging, and styling. My blog is growing steadily and I am shocked at how many views I get daily at times. Thank you for all your support. I hope you continue reading my blog and start reading MO!

P.S. I am hoping to start a summer blogging series on local restaurants and outfit ideas about what you should wear to them.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some of my sunnies from my collection

I have always had a love for sunglasses. I have about 20some pairs and used to have a lot more. Today I will be posting some of my favorites.

This first pair are from Target. Target has done an amazing job with their sunglasses line, the color of these Way-wannabees is so much fun.


The next pair were a great find from TJMaxx. They have the whole cat-eye look which is very popular right now. So much fun.


What can I say, very Lolita and totally not for everyday. They are just something I think every girl should have.


These polka-cuties are from H&M.


These are from Forever 21. I love the simple, yet chic look one can achieve with these.


These were a gift from my boyfriend, Michael. They are real Raybans that are no longer made anymore. They are so bright and vivid.