Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are school uniforms more prone to cause an eclectic fashionista?

From the time I was in first grade (they were kind enough to spare the Kindergartners uniforms) until 12th grade, I wore some type of a school uniform. I was in Catholic school from 1st-8th grade followed by public school with a strict dress code from 9th-12th grade. Looking back, my wardrobe was repressed during most of my childhood into young adulthood. I always enjoyed picking out my “fun” clothes during those years, but didn’t come into my obsession with fashion until college. Now I know why… FREEDOM! I never understood why people in their pajamas in college saddened me until now. They probably had sartorial freedom their entire life.

Now that I have the freedom to wear what I want, I would have to say I have a very eclectic wardrobe. Just today at various thrift shops, I noticed myself going towards the kookiest things. Now I am not saying that people can’t have eclectic wardrobes if they never wore uniforms. What I AM saying is that I feel that wardrobe repression can lead to very creative fashionistas. I was starved for beauty. I am surprised I didn’t go blind the first time I walked in Forever 21 with all the COLOR. Shocking I know. My Catholic school girl uniform consisted of a hideous dark gray skirt with the weirdest plaid lines. On top we wore white polos or white cotton long sleeve blouses. It if were cold we could wear a maroon cardigan or sweater vest. GAG ME.

The year before I got to public school they passed a dress code. JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I HAD MY CHANCE! We were allowed to wear black pants, navy pants, gray pants, and of course (most ugly) KHAKI pants. Skirts were allowed as long as they reached an appropriate length. Yours truly ended up in ISS quite a few times for hers. For tops we were allowed white, black, navy, red, gray, and (DRUM ROLL) PINK. They added pink during my time there because the dress code was sexist or some bullshit.

BLINDED BY THE COLORS!!! Can you imagine my face at the thought of neon green tights or a hot pink skirt? I knew these types of clothing existed but not in my “school” life. Now I wear sequins, feathers, and neon on a frequent basis. So glad I am out of that stage of my life, it was quite miserable. BRING ON THE COLORS! What do you think about school dress codes or uniforms?

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