Monday, June 27, 2011

Changing my spending habits

So after looking at what I will be owing on student loans starting next month I have decided to change my spending habits. I am trying the absolute best that I can to shop exclusively at thrift stores. I love them anyways, so it wasn’t a hard decision. That being said here are some new finds with prices!


Love this shirt! It was only $1.75 at the Salvation Army!  The purple is so complimentary to the red and blue. It fits perfectly and will work with pretty much anything in my wardrobe which is what you need to look for when spending on a budget.IMG_0942

This dress is incredible. It has to be from the 70’s. The tag is yellowed as are the buttons. No worries! Replacing buttons is one the best ways to spruce up a piece of thrifted clothing. The dress cost me a whopping $5.

IMG_0943Some up close detail.


The next two finds I like to think of as fate. They are both B’s, which is my first initial. I saw the pin at a Goodwill and impulsively bought it. It was only $3. Such a cool find.

Next to the pin is a necklace from the Green Eyed Lady in Kennett Square, PA. It cost me $14, a little high but I settled for the B after I checked out the price of a pin I had been wanting… $90. Sometimes you just have to talk it out in your head and tell yourself that $90 is way too much for a pin.


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