Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My fake Hermes bracelets!

So for the longest time I have been pining away for an Hermes cuff, which I knew would never happen. Lucky for me, I stumbled up on these babies at Target. I have no idea how the makers of this bracelet have not been sued. They are not perfect replicas or exactly the same, but they are pretty darn similar. I was at home visiting my dad and he offered to buy me one, so I bought me another. Of course he had no idea what Hermes was, but thought they were pretty badass anyways. They were both under $20.

Another thing I got to do while I was home was go thrift shopping. It was a blast and ended up making quite a few purchases, including a little boy's blazer which I am planning on adding some chunky gold buttons to one it gets cleaned. I will post those soon.

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