Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hotter than hot

Well it has been like an inferno in my part of Pennsylvania for the past few days. When the temps are that high I try to stick to cotton clothing whether it be a dress, shorts, or a tank top. Just a few pics of a backup outfit from my New York trip that never got worn. The top is from Philly AIDS thrift store, the shorts are cheapies from TJMaxx, and the hat is Eugenia Kim for Target.

IMG_1058Never regretted all the dance I did in my earlier years until I saw this picture, look at my legs! So bulky!

IMG_1087 My Fossil watch up close and my pretty green ring.

IMG_1089Cheap bamboo ring that I spotted at the Goodwill. My boyfriend sprayed it with lacquer for me otherwise my fingers would turn green. The other ring is a sterling silver snake.

IMG_1093 Close-up! Hardly any makeup on… too hot for all the fuss. New evil eye charm around my neck.

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