Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Last post before vacation!

I will be leaving for vacation in Sea Isle, New Jersey with my boyfriends family this Saturday and am very busy. The shore house we stay in does not have internet access, something that actually makes me very happy. I feel that nowadays we can become so disconnected from each other because of technology. When I was beginning my packing today I decided that a packing post would be ideal for many of you whom I am sure are in my position.

1. Always pack ahead of time.

I do not mean the day before. At least three days before you leave for your destination, you should begin packing. Make a list. This is extremely important. You should always pack enough outfits for your total time away plus one or two extras.

2. Ziploc bags will save your clothes.

If you plan on packing liquids with clothing, make sure you put them in Ziploc bags. I recommend putting shoes and liquids in a separate bag just in case the bags should fail.

3. Try to pack mix and match items.

As much as you want to pack that highlighter yellow bikini, think about if it will match other items in your wardrobe. When it comes to bathing suits, buy tops and bottoms that can be mix and matched. You can make three bikinis into nine bikinis this way.

4. Use trial sized bottles.

Although they may not sell your favorite hair product in trial size, you can always purchase those cheap little 3oz. bottles at Target or Walmart and fill them up. It will save a lot of space.

5. Check the weather ahead of time.

You never know when you may need a little warmth. Especially when it is pouring outside and the AC is on full blast in the shore house.

6. If there is going to be fun in the sun, bring a hat.

Nothing adds a pop of color and chicness to an outfit like a fun hat, plus extra protection for your gorgeous face.

7. Stick to sandals and flip flops

They will take up little room in your bag. They also weigh next to nothing. When it is scorching hot your piggies will thank you for the air supply.

8. Bring sunnies!

Pick your favorite pair, make an investment and got some with polarized lenses to protect your eyes.

9. Keep your make-up simple

It's summer, be easy and breezy. Let your skin breath!

10. Have fun!

Don't ever let packing consume you or stress you out. Worse case scenario is that you can just buy whatever you need when you get there.

Check back next Friday for a post-vacay post. If you see me in Sea Isle give me a shout!

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