Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Favorite Fragrances

I have always been a fan of fragrance. Despite this, it is something that I don’t spend much money on as it can get pricey. I feel that a lot of people give fragrance as a gift for this reason. Below I will list my favorites and when I specifically use them.

Marc Jacobs Lola


This is an evening scent for me. Sephora describes it as a “warm floral bouquet.” Not something for those of you who still consider Bath and Body Works a fine fragrance.

Gap Grass


I nearly cried when I saw this. The perfume of my childhood, Gap Grass, was brought back to life. My mom bought me a small bottle as a child and I cherished it. It was discontinued and I was beyond upset, so much that I hoarded the little bottle it came in until the last drop went rancid. Around Christmas of 2009, I was with my aunt in Connecticut and noticed that it had been remade…I was ecstatic. It is a blend of ivy, greens, and musk but don’t knock it until you smell it. This is a perfect work day perfume.

Miso Pretty


On one of my first dates with my boyfriend, we went to King of Prussia Mall. While in Urban Outfitters I noticed this little gem. I was beyond broke at the time and decided to purchase it at another time, which never works for me because when I went back it was gone. Almost two years later I found it online for ten dollars! The bottle describes it as a plucky peony scent with cut grass and tuberose. I would wear this during the day as it is light.

DKNY Be Delicious


This is one fruity scent that I can handle for day wear. It has an apple-like smell, but not that sour apple Jolly Rancher smell. The bottle actually lasts a long time as well.

Lolita Lempika


This was the first time I ever bought a scent without smelling it first. It was about $16 at TJMaxx and I had read it had some sort of anise/black licorice undertone. It is one of the most beautiful, warm scents I have ever owned. Perfect for the evening.

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