Thursday, August 4, 2011

A better look at what is for sale in my on-line store

While I do love Big Cartel (e-marketplace), they do not give many options to the people who use their basic plan that is free. I only get one image view per item and it has to be 1mb, which is tiny. I wanted to post my current items for sale so that you can get a better idea of the detail of each item. http://otherpeoplestrash.bigcartel.com

blue and gold necklace

This necklace is really pretty and has awesome flecks of blue and gold.


Love this hankie.

robert rose

This bracelet is very detailed and has a lot of character.



This is a size 6 but I have a 32 bust and it fits me really nice. You would need to be about a 36 bust to really make this a tighter shirt. A shirt like this is not really meant to be worn too tight but rather loose.

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  1. I love the bracelet! It looks kind of like a mini chandelier! xoxoxoo