Friday, August 26, 2011

Me Myself & Irene

Well it seems that everyone has gone into full on panic  because of Irene. This type of panic is usually reserved for the forecast of snow. The school district where I am employed has already cancelled for Monday leaving me more time to be prepared. We were forced to leave our classrooms today as Delaware declared a “State of Emergency” and evacuated its government buildings (school employees in Delaware are also government employees).

Despite all my stress from the coming school year I have found some time to blog. I really did love this outfit that I wore today which earned many a compliment. I hope everyone has a safe weekend.

vintage slip 1 Slip- Vintage

Striped Blouse- H&M

Wedges- Steve Madden

Scarf- Forever 21

Belt- Vintage

Watch- Fossil

vintage clip 2

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