Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Waiting for the rainy season!

So for many years now I have been buying cheapy rain boots to muck around in, especially while I was in college. After many pairs that cracked open on the bottom, I have decided to splurge a little and get boots that will last me for than a year. I also have moved on past the whole printed rain boot phase. For those of you who know me well, you know that at one point I was obsessed with animal prints. While I still love leopard, I am over plastering it all over myself. Go with a neutral for a rain boot.

I was really torn over what brand rain boot to get. Originally I wanted a pair of Hunter's but decided that I would get what I call "Ugg regret" from buying these. This type of regret comes from spending a great amount of money on something only to feel that you look like everyone else. In the end I passed up the Hunter's, especially after hearing from the mother of a girl that I tutor that they are all the rage among high schoolers. PASS. I teach high schoolers and would rather not blend in as much as possible.

After browsing various shoe sites I stumbled upon Shoebuy.com, With free shipping both ways, much like Zappos, I ended up getting 15% off my boots, spending a total of $100.26. While this may seem like a lot for rain boots, I figure that I must have spent around $70 over the past few years on cheapy boots that only break in the end. The boots are Calvin Klein and are OVER THE KNEE. How cool is that?

Calvin Klein Ava, phtot courtesy of Shoebuy.com

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  1. Well fuckin horny boots, love them