Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taking a good look at your clothes…

I have spent a good deal of time the past few weeks reviewing my wardrobe and deciding what needed to go and what stayed.Thus far I have purged four large bags of clothing. They have all been donated to a good cause so it wasn’t a total loss. While most of us like to hold onto clothes forever, this can create a problem, especially in our closets.

I set a goal for myself. I wanted all my clothes on display in my closets without having to store a lot of clothes in storage. I have met this goal. The only things I now keep in storage are extremely summery clothing as well as heavy winter knits. One of the reasons we buy clothing is we often feel we “have nothing to wear.” Now that my summer/fall wardrobe are on display together, I can mix and match them.

There is no rule against mixing and matching seasonal pieces. You must use your best judgment when doing so. Taking a plain black sundress from summer and adding a pair of opaque tights, boots, and a leather jacket are a great way to expand your wardrobe and create a new outfit. The only print I would warn about is bright floral. It can tend to be too spring/summer friendly. A darker floral can be worn year round.

In order to have a decent wardrobe one must be able to mix and match. If you have a few free hours, go through your wardrobe and make outfits! Take a digital camera and make a display board in your room or closet of your options. Make sure to include accessories and shoes as well. This is also a good practice before a vacation for easy packing.

So before you take that next shopping trip, go shopping in your closet first. You never know what you may find.

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