Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY D&G Necklace

So I have really fallen in love with the D&G alphabet letter necklaces from their AW 2011 collection.

D&GDesigner jewelry can be extremely beautiful and creative but it comes with a heavy price tag. I decided to make my own and I think it came out pretty well and for only $11.



I basically braided three sections of chain then braided those braids together. Altogether I used nine sections of chain. The letters you see are alphabet and number magnets with the magnets removed.

If you would like a necklace let me know, I could give you a price quote.  I could also make a bracelet.


Monday, November 28, 2011

It Feels Good to Be a Blogger VIP

I am more than excited to have been invited and to attend a fashion blogger VIP event in Philadelphia on the tenth of December. The event is called Walk the Talk and is a holiday party for VIP bloggers and their fans. There are shoes, accessories, massages, food, and of course… FUN! About 300 bloggers from Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey are attending the event. Did I mention there will be free gift bags full of goodies from sponsors? Score!

I am looking forward to promoting my blog and getting my name out there some more. I will be blogging about the experience and its glamorousness.Now I have to decide what to wear… Ah the choices.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lime and Lace

Just an outfit post...

Shirt- Thrifted

Shorts- Marc by Marc Jacobs

Tights- HUE

Watch- Fossil

Bracelet- So Good

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Follow Up to the Do’s and Don’ts of Your Thanksgiving Outfit

Using Shop Style I created a look for you to get some inspiration for your Thanksgiving outfit. Do not worry about the brand or price of each piece. What matters is that you can get some ideas for when you are choosing what you wear on Thursday.

I love this neon dress and shoes! I thought a fun way to add some sparkle to your outfit would be a sequined blazer and fun jewelry. Remember, keep your bag small!

This is my last post before Thanksgiving, so I wish you and all your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe.

Monday, November 21, 2011

In memory of my mother, Happy Birthday.

Today my mom would have turned 60. Looking back upon all she did for me I can’t help but think that she would be so proud of my blog and my budding styling career. She was a very fashionable person herself and had an undying love for gold jewelry and leather bags. I thank her for giving me such creative freedom when dressing myself even at a young age. When other girl’s parents were keeping their leash too tight, my mom was urging me to wear the eclectic outfits that I wore then and still wear today. She never urged me to pile on makeup but at the same time she never told me I couldn’t wear it as she said it enhanced my features. She helped me develop a strong sense of being as well as self confidence, even if I wasn’t feeling very beautiful at the time (we all had those awkward stages.) She also urged me to not follow trends. She was not a fan of Ugg boots but got me a pair one Christmas anyways because she knew I wanted them oh so badly. I give her credit because after a month or so I realized how unoriginal they were and how just about every girl on campus looked like a clone in their Ugg boots, Victoria’s Secret PINK sweatpants, and North Face fleece. She pushed me to be a creative leader, not a follower and for this I will always be thankful. I love you Mom, Happy Birthday.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Thanksgiving Outfit

For many of us, Thanksgiving is a time to spend with the people we love and care about. Many of these people we might only see a few times a year. What better way to show your holiday cheer then dressing yourself up and adding some color and sparkle to the dinner table!


1. Wear something colorful! Thanksgiving is a holiday! What would our finger turkeys from first grade be without their colorful feathers? Go with colors that best suit your skin tone. If you want to wear black then use colorful accessories to add to your blank canvas.

2. Wear comfortable shoes. This one goes especially for the ladies who might be tempted to wear your new pumps from ALDO with a five inch heel. The last thing you want are blisters, OUCH!

3. Paint your nails or have them done professionally. At the very least give yourself a natural nail manicure so that those cuticles are cleaned up. You would be surprised how many people look at your hands. Please try to pass on the acrylics. They do a lot of damage to your nails and are starting to cross the line into Tacky Town.

4. Wear a dress shirt or maybe a tie. This is for the guys. I can’t think of anything that makes a man look more handsome and put together. If you can’t bear a tie at least try for a dress shirt (Express has great options for guys) and some dress slacks or even dark denim.

5. Wear an apron if you plan on helping to cook or are doing the majority of cooking yourself. Nothing would be worse than walking around with stains on your clothes.


1. Don’t be afraid of some sparkle. It is the start of the holidays and what better time to add a little shimmer to your ensemble. If you are afraid to try it start small. Think of a sequined clutch or sparkly costume jewelry.

2. Don’t bring a tote bag or enormous purse with you. Unless you have a baby. In that case it is okay. Consider this a dinner just like one you would go to with a group of girlfriends. A small clutch that fits your necessities is all you need.

3. Don’t forget to keep hair and makeup vibrant yet simple. Thanksgiving is not the time to try your best Amy Winehouse cat eye liner. Your family and friends want to see the real, beautiful you. Try a shimmery shadow or lip gloss for some sparkle!

4. Don’t wear something that makes you uncomfortable. I am not saying that you should wear sweatpants, PLEASE DON’T! Just make sure that whatever you wear fits you properly and doesn’t make you fidget. Example: Way too short miniskirt. 

5. Don’t forget to layer. If you live in an area where Thanksgiving means a chilly day then please dress accordingly. I guess that goes for my friends down south as well, except you will be chilly from the AC.

Just a little advice to make your holiday enjoyable, colorful, and FASHIONABLE! If you have any style questions please feel free to email me at bm628825@gmail.com !

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Necklace and Costume Jewelry Protection

There are many times that I have wanted to buy costume jewelry but some of the pieces in today’s stores are constructed of cheap materials and turn my skin green. While I was in New York my aunt begged me to go into a costume jewelry store with her on Bleeker Street called So Good. I am usually hesitant of these types of stores as the ones on Canal Street have scarred me in the past. I now refuse to go to Canal Street as I am completely against the illegal manufacturing of fake purses, jewelry, sunglasses, and whatever else they rip off nowadays. Designers work hard to create their unique designs and I would rather not have a  Mulberry Alexa than have a fake.

So Good is a lot different than the other stores. It is in a really great location minus the seedy crowd of Canal and the tourists. When I first walked in I was hesitant because the jewelry was very “blingy” and sugary sweet. Think rhinestone cupcake rings…  Not really my cup of tea.

Once I walked around the store I noticed that not all was saccharine and was able to find the necklace pictured below. My boyfriend came up with a solution to the tarnishing of my costume jewelry which is confirmed on the internet by many people with the same problem. All you need to do is spray the jewelry with a clear lacquer. If you are going to do this please make sure you go outside in the open air. It will take some time for each side to dry but it is totally worth it. I am not sure how long the finish will hold up but my other jewelry that has been sprayed looks good even after a few months. This is great considering a cheap ring used to turn my finger green after one night.

IMG_1573  IMG_1577

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beauty Blog: Baby Lips by Maybelline

While my blog focuses mostly on fashion, I feel that beauty products go hand in hand with the newest “it” bag, shoes, or coat. After seeing Baby Lips advertised I was interested in trying them out. I do not like lipstick as it tends to feel too heavy and at times dry. Baby Lips is a moisturizing balm available in two clear balms (one is peppermint scented) as well as four colored balms. The balms claim to repair lip condition as well as provide SPF protection. My local CVS had a BOGO deal so I managed to get four of them for $8. IMG_1538Orange tube- Cherry me, Pink tube- Pink Punch, Aqua tube- Grape Vine, Blue tube- Quenched 


The two not pictured would be the clear balm that is peppermint scented in a lime green tube as well as a peachy/nude color in a purple tube.

If you are looking for a new lip treatment I would recommend these as they provide moisture and if needed a hint of color. The fun design on the tubes doesn’t hurt either.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Personal Style Q&A: Vintage Leather Jackets

I have asked my Facebook friends (and now my blog followers as well) to ask me style questions that I can share with the public. They can be about anything your sartorial heart desires. If you have a question for me please email me at bm628825@gmail.com and I will be glad to answer your style questions on my blog! If you wish to remain anonymous no worries, I will not include your name.

The first question I was asked was about vintage leather jackets.

Q: J from Delaware asks...

"I've been looking for a new leather jacket for a while, but I'm really unsatisfied with what I've seen in retail stores. I also have a hard time justifying a custom made Aero (to clarify for readers this is a leather goods company out of Scotland). So I switched gears about a week ago and started looking at vintage leather on eBay, but I'd really like to buy something in person. Any ideas of where I should look? Do you have any advice on going about getting a jacket altered and cleaned? Or on what style/color would look best on me?"

A: Dear J,

I feel that with an investment piece such as a leather jacket it is something you absolutely must see, feel, and try on in person. While an Aero jacket is nice, there are many more budget-friendly options out there for you to try. I recently bought a leather jacket at TJMaxx and am very satisfied with what I got. If you have run the gamut of retail stores and have found nothing, I think vintage would be your next area of exploration. When it comes to finding something that is vintage or thrifted there are many various outlets to search.

The first would be a Goodwill or Salvation Army type store. Many people scoff at such places but I have seen firsthand many a leather jacket and fur at these stores in decent shape. One of the best things about vintage leather is that it is broken in and usually feels a lot better when you are wearing it. That being said, if those types of stores are a no go then I would suggest doing research on privately owned vintage clothing stores in your area. There is a store in Centerville, Delaware called Rags to Riches Upscale Resale. The store is great and now offers men's clothing. When it comes to stores with limited inventory such as this, call ahead! Tell them what you are looking for so that if the answer is "no" you can save yourself some gas money. Being that we live close to Philadelphia, this may prove to be a good place for finding a vintage jacket as well. One store in particular named Philly AIDS Thrift is an AWESOME vintage store that carries not only men's and women's vintage clothing but homegoods, records, and jewelry as well.

If you are still having trouble finding a jacket, try Craigslist! I am a huge fan of looking for vintage clothing on there as there is the possibility of visiting the seller to try it on before your purchase. As for getting the jacket altered and cleaned you need to research tailors in your area. The cleaning can be done at a dry cleaners but they might have to have it shipped out to another cleaning facility for a more delicate process. This can cost upwards of $30. I would not recommend having the jacket tailored at the cleaners even though most offer this service. Do your research on tailors and seamstresses in your area so you can get the jacket to fit just right. Tailoring is expensive but if you get a good deal on a jacket and are below budget you will have money to spare.

The style of jacket you choose is more a personal preference but I think that no one can go wrong with a black leather jacket with a little edge to it, think rock and roll. If you are thinking about a certain color keep in mind that it might not go well with your entire wardrobe like black would. Whatever style you end up choosing keep in mind that is should not be baggy or loose. This is where the tailor would come in.

The picture below is from Burberry Prorsum's SS 2011 Menswear Collection. I think it shows a really nice leather jacket for some inspiration.

Photo: Style.com

Friday, November 11, 2011

This is the town that never sleeps…

I visited my aunt and uncle in New York this weekend. I had been looking forward to the trip and the company, considering I hadn’t seen them since July. My aunt, who loves fashion just as much as I do, took a trip into the city with my boyfriend and myself. I got to introduce my aunt to stores like Zara and Joe Fresh. Joe Fresh is actually new to me as well and all I can say is that it is going to be an extremely successful retail store in the US (they are a Canadian-based company). I also managed to visit some thrift shops near my aunt’s house in Westchester county. Some pictures from the trip are below!

IMG_1522 Jacket- Halogen

Dress- Forever 21

Tights- Hue

Bag- Handcrafted in Mexico

Shoes- DSW

Necklace- Vintage from Etsy

Sunglasses- Steve Madden

My boyfriend noticed this billboard and my aunt and I found it to be rather ironic considering we were on our way to look at some vintage clothing. Despite being in New York she and I spent very little money. Vintage stores in New York City with decent prices are hard to come by and should be treasured when found. Either way it was still fun to browse.  IMG_1531

Aunt Lish and i in Bryant Park.

lish and i

Friday, November 4, 2011

Style.com Magazine Has Arrived!

I was so excited when this arrived in the mail this week. For anyone who knows anything about fashion, Style.com should be your ultimate online reference for all that is sartorial. In the age of magazine crashes and plunders, Style.com has succeded in releasing a new print magazine available through online order. The first (HUGE) issue revolves around the SS 2012 collections and is available for $6.99. If you love fashion I suggest you sacrifice one of your usual magazine purchases this month and go for this one. If you are somewhat clueless when it comes to fashion, get this magazine anyways. As much as magazines like People Style Watch and InStyle are fun to look at, it is really great to go deeper into fashion week with a magazine such as this that covers so many facets of the world of style.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Little Gem of a Vintage Shop

About a month ago my boyfriend and I attended a street fair in Media, Pennsylvania. While there I wanted to check out a vintage and consignment boutique called The Cedar Chest. While there, I was amazed at the large selection of vintage clothing as well as reasonable prices. They carry a large variety of items including Mad Men-esque styles, furs, and lovely bags. I made a lovely purchase while there and think it will be an awesome way to top off a LBD this winter.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back to Blogging: Some New Vintage Finds

So it has been awhile since I have made a decent blog post. I was going through a lot of stress at work and have since left my job. If you are wondering, I left on a good note so no bridges were burned. For now I will be taking some time off meaning I can get back on track with blogging.

I recently made two vintage Etsy purchases that I would like to share with you. A lot of people comment on "how much money I must spend on clothes, bags, etc." To be honest I probably do spend more than most normal people on clothing and accessories in general BUT I have found that spending more money on quality is better than spending less on cheap clothing. I would rather spend $150 on a pair of knee-high black leather boots then $150 on a clothing spree from Forever 21. In fact, I believe once you hit a certain age (I am 23) certain stores should move slowly off your fashionista radar.

They include:
Forever 21 (Probably the best of the group but the clothes are made super cheap)
Charlotte Russe (Has gone ghetto)
DEB (Ditto Charlotte Russe)
American Eagle (No idea why I ever wore clothes from here, BORING)
Abercrombie and Fitch (Better quality but BORING)
Hollister (Great for surfers in California, not anywhere else)

If you need a good place for decently priced clothing with better quality I suggest:

Nordstrom Rack
Urban Outfitters
Asos (from the UK but they have an online store)
New York and Company
Marshall's and TJMaxx (you need to do some work here to find the good quality items)

OR you could wear vintage clothing like me!

So now that I gave you a lecture (meant with good intentions of course) here are my new finds...

This is a rabbit fur scarf from a vintage store on Etsy called Some Velvet Vintage. This store is incredible. I strongly recommend you take a peek. Yes, I do wear fur. It is vintage so I really don't feel that I am breaking my moral code for animals that died years ago. I would never buy new fur.

The other find is one of my all time favorites:

This bag is similar to the one SJP carried in SATC2. It is from I Love Swift Vintage on Etsy.

One of the best things about taking your money and investing it into a vintage piece is that you rarely see anyone else wearing what you are wearing. That is a great feeling!