Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Thanksgiving Outfit

For many of us, Thanksgiving is a time to spend with the people we love and care about. Many of these people we might only see a few times a year. What better way to show your holiday cheer then dressing yourself up and adding some color and sparkle to the dinner table!


1. Wear something colorful! Thanksgiving is a holiday! What would our finger turkeys from first grade be without their colorful feathers? Go with colors that best suit your skin tone. If you want to wear black then use colorful accessories to add to your blank canvas.

2. Wear comfortable shoes. This one goes especially for the ladies who might be tempted to wear your new pumps from ALDO with a five inch heel. The last thing you want are blisters, OUCH!

3. Paint your nails or have them done professionally. At the very least give yourself a natural nail manicure so that those cuticles are cleaned up. You would be surprised how many people look at your hands. Please try to pass on the acrylics. They do a lot of damage to your nails and are starting to cross the line into Tacky Town.

4. Wear a dress shirt or maybe a tie. This is for the guys. I can’t think of anything that makes a man look more handsome and put together. If you can’t bear a tie at least try for a dress shirt (Express has great options for guys) and some dress slacks or even dark denim.

5. Wear an apron if you plan on helping to cook or are doing the majority of cooking yourself. Nothing would be worse than walking around with stains on your clothes.


1. Don’t be afraid of some sparkle. It is the start of the holidays and what better time to add a little shimmer to your ensemble. If you are afraid to try it start small. Think of a sequined clutch or sparkly costume jewelry.

2. Don’t bring a tote bag or enormous purse with you. Unless you have a baby. In that case it is okay. Consider this a dinner just like one you would go to with a group of girlfriends. A small clutch that fits your necessities is all you need.

3. Don’t forget to keep hair and makeup vibrant yet simple. Thanksgiving is not the time to try your best Amy Winehouse cat eye liner. Your family and friends want to see the real, beautiful you. Try a shimmery shadow or lip gloss for some sparkle!

4. Don’t wear something that makes you uncomfortable. I am not saying that you should wear sweatpants, PLEASE DON’T! Just make sure that whatever you wear fits you properly and doesn’t make you fidget. Example: Way too short miniskirt. 

5. Don’t forget to layer. If you live in an area where Thanksgiving means a chilly day then please dress accordingly. I guess that goes for my friends down south as well, except you will be chilly from the AC.

Just a little advice to make your holiday enjoyable, colorful, and FASHIONABLE! If you have any style questions please feel free to email me at bm628825@gmail.com !


  1. i hear you on the acrylic nails crossing in to tacky town! haha. have you considered doing a blog on the gel nailpolish? it's awesome!

  2. Christy,

    I have a blogging event in Philly in December and was going to try a new nail place near my apartment that only does natural nails. They are known for their gel manicures. I was going to do a post after I have it done there. I like to highlight local businesses whenever I can! Keep an eye out for it!

  3. I will def. look for it, after doing the gel manicures I will never go back to any other type :)