Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Necklace and Costume Jewelry Protection

There are many times that I have wanted to buy costume jewelry but some of the pieces in today’s stores are constructed of cheap materials and turn my skin green. While I was in New York my aunt begged me to go into a costume jewelry store with her on Bleeker Street called So Good. I am usually hesitant of these types of stores as the ones on Canal Street have scarred me in the past. I now refuse to go to Canal Street as I am completely against the illegal manufacturing of fake purses, jewelry, sunglasses, and whatever else they rip off nowadays. Designers work hard to create their unique designs and I would rather not have a  Mulberry Alexa than have a fake.

So Good is a lot different than the other stores. It is in a really great location minus the seedy crowd of Canal and the tourists. When I first walked in I was hesitant because the jewelry was very “blingy” and sugary sweet. Think rhinestone cupcake rings…  Not really my cup of tea.

Once I walked around the store I noticed that not all was saccharine and was able to find the necklace pictured below. My boyfriend came up with a solution to the tarnishing of my costume jewelry which is confirmed on the internet by many people with the same problem. All you need to do is spray the jewelry with a clear lacquer. If you are going to do this please make sure you go outside in the open air. It will take some time for each side to dry but it is totally worth it. I am not sure how long the finish will hold up but my other jewelry that has been sprayed looks good even after a few months. This is great considering a cheap ring used to turn my finger green after one night.

IMG_1573  IMG_1577

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