Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Your Boyfriend (Fiancé, Husband, etc.) Who Doesn’t Like Getting Dressed Up

This gift guide is for those of you who have boyfriends who don’t like getting dressed up. They don’t like shopping or picking out things to wear. This Christmas would be a good time to add a nice dress shirt to their wardrobe. They can be worn with dress pants, suits, or even jeans.

If you want to add some class to their wardrobe, I suggest a dress shirt from Express. They have a good variety of fits and colors so the choices are endless. The 1MX Modern Fit Stretch Cotton Shirt is my pick as it is a modern take on the classic dress shirt. They are currently $59.90 and if you buy one you get another for $19.90.

My two personal favorites: Grape Punch and Polo Match

Credit: Express

Next up: What to get for those furry friends!

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  1. hihihi thanks for this, i still cant decide to to give to him.