Monday, December 26, 2011

Post-Holiday Shopping Tips

I hope everyone had a very happy holiday and I hope that Santa was very good to you as well. I am sure that many of you got either money and/or gift cards from family and friends. I am sure you are excited to spend them, so here are some post-holiday shopping tips.

1. Beware of impulse buys- There are going to be stores trying to sell you as much as they can. Avoid what I call “register” purchases. A good example is at stores like H&M or Forever 21 that have very cute and cheap merchandise near the registers. It could be umbrellas, make-up, hair ties, etc. Ask yourself, “Do I really need these floral nail files?” Chances are you don’t. If you’re still not convinced, think about how these little purchases add up over time. If you spend an extra $5 at five different stores that’s $25 you could have had to buy a cute dress or top.

2. Make a list- Never go “blind shopping”. Go through your closet and think about what you have and what you could get to go with it. This expands your wardrobe. Before you purchase an item, check your list. Think about the pieces ability to match with other items.  Now I am not saying that certain items should be overlooked. If you see a sequined leopard top in regular leopard print or pink leopard print, ask yourself, “Which goes with more items in my closet?” Go with the regular print.

3. Beware of sales- Just because something is 80% off does not mean it is something you need. This is how we fill our closets with filler. It is often these items that we end up never wearing.

4. Look for inspiration- Pick up the latest fashion magazines or check out blogs online for some ideas if you are feeling uncertain as to what to buy.

5. Try everything on- I cannot say this enough. It is so important to never judge an item by how it looks on a hanger, a hanger does not have shape. Buy what fits you, not what you hope will fit in a few months.

Happy Shopping!

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