Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rainy Day Look

It is a rainy day here in Pennsylvania and I think people often forget that a dreary forecast doesn't mean your style has to take a nose dive. Some advice for looking good on a rainy day:

- Wear a hat! If you are like me your roots will go flat anyways so curl the bottom and throw on a beanie or some other type of hat.
- Ditch the cutesy rain boots for a real pair. Believe me I had a leopard and zebra pair in college but I don't muck around campus anymore. Invest in a grown-up pair for yourself. This doesn't mean you can't have stripes or even a bright color, just ditch the flowers and whatever other juvenile print you have.
- Get a good raincoat. Peacoats and other types of coats made from wool aren't meant to soak up water. Get something that is waterproof.
- Invest in a good umbrella. I think Totes is one of the best brands.
- Longchamp bags are great for the rain as they are waterproof. They also look very chic and can work with just about any outfit provided you get a neutral color.

Here is a look I created for rainy day outfit inspiration:


  1. So chic! I'd love to wear all of it! lol.