Sunday, January 22, 2012

Top Five Reasons to Invest in Quality Snow boots

1. Warmth- If your winters are anything like the ones that I grew up with, your feet are going to freeze with an unlined boot. Most snow boots today have some sort of liner that will keep your feet cozy and warm. My snow boots actually have Thinsulate insulation that works wonders to keep my feet toasty. Before I go any further I want to note that Uggs are NOT snow boots.

2. Traction- Nothing spells disaster like a pair of shoes without traction on ice, snow, or slush. The boots you buy should have a good amount of grip on the bottom to help you walk and prevent slipping.

3. Dryness- This goes hand in hand with warmth. Snow boots are meant to keep your feet warm and DRY. My suggestion to you is to get a pair that comes up to your knee as ankle boots may allow deeper snow to go inside of the boots. If you don’t get blizzards, ankle boots will be fine for a few inches of snow.

4. Durability- When you buy a quality product, you get an item that is going to last. This is important as snow boots are going to be in the presence of salt and other types of chemicals that can cause erosion over time.

5. Appearance- Gone are the days of ugly snow boots. Just about every winter weather boot maker under the sun makes appealing snow boots now. See my favorites below.

Storm by Cougar Alpen Bootie Storm by Cougar Alpen Bootie, $69.95

Sporto Women's Wendy Boot Sporto Women’s Wendy Boot, $59.94

All photos from DSW

Get yourself a pair and go play in the snow!

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