Sunday, January 29, 2012

When did my love for fashion begin?

I really wish I knew an answer to the question above. But I don’t. I have been sitting for a good hour now pondering it and have yet to come up with a definitive answer. I can’t say that I have always loved fashion the way I do now but I have always loved something about it. Maybe it’s the creative aspect of dressing yourself, the blending of colors, or the mixing of patterns and prints.

I wrote a post a while back about how my experiences at Catholic school with a uniform and public school with a dress code helped to form my yearning for all things colorful, eclectic, and fashionable. I still believe this.

In my free time I was always wearing something fun and funky. I don’t think I wore actual jeans until third grade. I was always in leggings, probably why I love them so much today. When I was little I didn’t have high heels  per say but I did love the fake princess heels from Kmart that I wore for dress up.

I suppose it was my first trip to a Goodwill in high school that I really started to love vintage clothing. I saw people all around me buying second hand clothes but I was on the lookout for the perfect 80s clutch or 70s belt. I still have some pieces from those first trips to the Goodwill that I probably won’t ever throw out.

My mom bought me my first Vogue when I was, well I really don’t remember to be honest, but I was definitely too young. All I remember is being awestruck by the colorful pictures and clothing that seemed so foreign to someone who grew up in a town where most people didn’t worry about what they wore mostly because they couldn’t afford it.

With all of these inspirations for me I slowly but surely developed my sense of style over time. My final conclusion is that my style will always change. And that’s okay in the end. No one should look the same as they did five years ago. Every day is a chance to evolve your look and who you are, take some risks. There is inspiration everywhere.

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  1. Great post. You should do more of these, delving into yourself trying to find the "why" of you and fashion. Creatively pair it with a couple of clothing suggestions.
    Nice job!