Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Favorite Trends for Spring/Summer 2012

I think it is safe to say that spring is right around the corner for most of us. That being said it is time to transition into your spring wardrobe. What are some of the hottest trends for the spring? Well, there are a lot of them. I will be choosing my top five and giving you ideas on how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

1. Pastels

Now I can honestly say that pastels have never been a favorite of mine. I like loud colors like jewel tones and neon. This spring, however, I am going to give them a shot. If you aren't big on these Easter-egg like colors try them in small doses at first, like a robin's egg blue bag with a neutral outfit. If you are a little more daring try some pastel colorblocking but keep to two colors maximum to avoid looking like the Easter bunny.

pale colorblock eyelet pastel

3.1 Phillip Lim and Louis Vuitton

2. 20's Art Deco

If I could have lived in any other time period it would be the 1920's. Perhaps it is because my favorite book of all time is The Great Gatsby. This spring many designers have added their own spin on the ornamental decade that was marked by flappers, feathers, and fashion. I believe there are two ways to approach this trend. You are either cautious or full-on. The cautious crowd could try to integrate sequins or fringe into their wardrobe in small ways such as a top or skirt. The full-on flapper girls could do a dress with fringe and sequins with metallic shoes and bag. This trend is playful so have fun with it.

etro gold  flapper 2

Etro and Gucci

3. Crop Top

Now is a good time to get those abs in shape. One of the most popular looks for spring is the crop top. Not a look for everyone, but if you are lucky enough to pull it off, go for it! One of the safest ways to try the trend is with a high-waisted shorts and blazer. The high waist and blazer really minimize the amount of skin you are exposing.  

prada crop 2 bill blass

Prada and Bill Blass

4. Knife pleats

Knife pleats are a really feminine way to update your skirt collection. They are truly feminine and can be worn on any length of skirt. Try this trend with a light sweater or tee for a laid back look or with a blazer for a more professional twist.

prada knife pleat prada knife pleat 2


5. Color of the Year: Tangerine Tango

The Pantone color of the year is Tangerine Tango. I am so happy that orange is in for once as I feel it is a color that a lot of people look over. The more vivid this season, the better. Start off with a bag and build to a dress. Orange generally looks best with blue as they are complementary colors (red/green, yellow/purple) so it wouldn't hurt to add some orange to an outfit that involves blue or navy blue. 

jenni kayne vivienne tam

Jenni Kayne and Vivienne Tam

So those are my favorite trends for the spring. What are yours?

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  1. "The Great Gatsby"! Great book!
    The Redford/Waterston/Farrow movie is almost great --
    -- but the FASHIONS!
    And soon there's supposed to be a new "TGG," with Leonardo DiCaprio. (Sorry couldn't find a good link.) Which means an "OPT TGG Part II"!!