Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 Tips For Spring Closet Cleaning

Happy Spring Everyone!

1. If it has holes or looks worn, get rid of it. I usually try to evaluate a piece before donation as donated goods can be worn but sending in a tee shirt on the borderline of dust rag status is just plain offensive.

2. Check your soles! If your the soles of your shoes are cracking or are peeling away from the actual shoe, it’s time to say goodbye as they are doing your feet no good.

3. Check all purses and pockets before donation. You will always be surprised as to what one can find, think money or your favorite lipstick.

4. Focus on purging your winter clothes as you won’t be needing them for a long time and you will want to make room for  the new season. Worry about spring and summer later.

5. Clean all winter goods before storing. If you have wool coats, have them professionally dry cleaned before putting them away for good (don’t keep them in the dry cleaning bags, this is not good for the clothes). If you have leather boots, pick up some leather cleaner and give them some TLC.

6. Check all your belts and make sure that they  are in good shape. Consider donating any belt that is bent to the point of cracking (this happens to cheap belts fairly quickly from constant wear).

7. If you are storing your winter clothes in boxes consider the environment where you are placing them. Humidity is bad! Dry and cool is good.

8. Even though jewelry isn’t seasonal, give it a good cleaning. I wear mostly silver and use either silver cloth or Wright’s Silver Polish to clean mine. Keep your pieces in a tray where rings can’t touch to avoid tarnishing. Save the cute hand-shaped ring holder for bracelets or other metals.

9. Go through old fashion magazines that you may be collecting. Look through them for outfit inspiration which you can cut out and turn into a cork square mood board. Buy some cork squares with adhesive for some fun new wall art.

10. If you can do all this, reward yourself with something nice. Perhaps a new shade of nail polish or a pastel clutch for spring. Cleaning out any space can be stressful as we as humans form emotional attachment to our things. It’s okay, just breathe.


  1. It's a great tip, but why is it bad to store clothes in their dry-cleaner bags?

  2. The chemicals! Check out this blog post! http://www.enviroblog.org/2011/09/dry-cleaning-chemicals-hang-around.html