Thursday, March 8, 2012

Five Trends That Never Should Have Been

Every now and then a trend comes around that makes me cringe. Usually the general public embraces it because “everyone is wearing it” or because its the “hottest trend”. Here are the top five trends (in my opinion) that should have never come into existence.

1. Harem Pants- I have no idea why people would ever wear these. Nobody’s crotch of their pants should ever appear low, guys and girls alike. Save them for Halloween.

Photo credit: Hijabulous

2. Denim Skirt- When I see someone in a denim skirt all I can think about is how tacky it looks, especially when it’s a super light wash or frayed. It is the equivalent of jorts (jean shorts) for men.

Photo credit: Fabsugar

3. Platform Loafers- They look like clown shoes, period.

Photo credit: We Get Dressed

4. Ed Hardy clothing or anything similar- Unless you are on the Jersey Shore, please refrain from anything that contains rhinestones, skulls, hearts with daggers, crosses, etc. SO TACKY.

Photo credit: Charlo’s Streetz

5. UGGs- I am trying so hard to sell mine because I actually used to wear these lame excuses for footwear. No one wants to buy mine, which I hope that is a good sign that people are moving on to better footwear.

Photo credit: Is This Fashion

Did your trend make my list?

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