Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tee Shirt Quilt

Many of us hold onto our tee shirts forever. Whether they are from high school, college, concerts, or fundraisers, they make their way into our wardrobe and usually end up collecting dust or being over worn. I feel that once you pass a certain age tee shirts (especially ones from high school and college) become less and less appropriate as everyday clothing.

For those of you who simply can’t let go, consider a tee shirt quilt. There are many companies who make these quilts but I have found The Quilt Loft to be one of the cheapest. Each square is $10 (I would say a minimum of 12 squares is best). The $20 shipping cost includes inbound and outbound shipping (your shirts need to get there somehow). So for around $140 you can keep those tees close to you at all times and free up some space in your closet.

If you think this price is expensive believe me it’s not (unless you are talented enough to do this yourself). Most other sites charge over $200 for a service such as this.

So head into your drawers and closets and see what you find, a tee quilt can help eliminate those guilty giveaway feelings!


Photo credit: The Quilt Loft

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