Thursday, May 31, 2012

What is your summer wardrobe staple? Take my poll!

What will you be wearing consistently this summer to keep you cool and chic? Take the poll below!

What will be your wardrobe staple this summer?
Cutoff shorts
Flirty dress
Flip Flops
Floppy hat

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vacation Series: A Mountain Cabin

This week's vacation series is a fashionable take on a mountain vacation. Whether you are kayaking down a river or roasting marshmallows by a campfire, there is no excuse to not look fashionable. A long sleeve plaid shirt will allow you to roll up your sleeves during the day and keep you warm at night. To complement your purple plaid shirt, add some yellow shorts to the earth tone palette surrounding you.

Always wear a watch, it will help you keep time if your cell phone service is sketchy. A backpack will keep all your belongings grouped together and your hands free to take pictures. Lastly, a good pair of flat boots will keep your feet supported for a long hike.

As always, all items are under $50.

Would you consider a mountain vacation? What would you wear?

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Top 5 Things You Forget to Pack

Memorial Day Weekend is here and I am sure many of you may be hitting the road to travel to the beach or perhaps to visit family and friends. When packing (even for a weekend trip) it is easy to forget some key items that you need to make yourself comfortable.

1. Dirty Laundry Bag- Whether it be a plastic bag from the grocery store or something fancy you bought in the luggage aisle, you need a dirty laundry bag. This is especially important in the summer months when you are more active. Do you want your dress for dinner next to your workout clothes from the day before? NO.

2. Lint Roller- I have a mini that I travel with at ALL TIMES, not just for trips. No matter what size it is, this is a staple. It could be especially helpful when visiting someone with a dog or cat that sheds, something I experience when I visit my dad. Being covered in dog hair... not chic.

3. Vitamins- You should always take your vitamins! Get a small pill box and take enough with you to cover your trip. You want to keep your immune system boosted especially if you are staying in a hotel where God knows who or what virus stayed there last.

4. Extra Layers- I cannot tell you how many times my "It's summer, I don't need a sweater" attitude has made me miserable in a cold hotel room or beach house. Do yourself a favor and bring something long sleeved.

5. Bottle of Water and a Snack- This is really important, especially when driving by car or taking a train. Save yourself the money and fill a stainless steel water bottle before leaving. You will also be helping out the planet. Packing a healthy snack is a good idea too. This will save you the temptation of stopping for fast food or eating junk in the train terminal.

No matter where you are going this weekend or this summer, make a list! You'll be happy that you did when you reach your destination.

Safe travels and stay stylish!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vacation Series: Morocco

Last week's vacation series covered a trip to a New England beach. The look was chic and nautical. This week I decided to cover a (dream) vacation in Morocco. The important thing to remember when traveling in countries such as Morocco is to keep a modest appearance (no mini skirts). I am not telling you that you need to be completely covered up, but keep your shoulders and thighs on the conservative side.

All pieces below are under $50, giving you more money to spend in the souk. The dress is a good example of something that isn't frumpy, yet keeps you looking ladylike. Flat sandals add a pop of color and also keep your feet comfortable when doing a lot of walking and sightseeing. For extra accessories keep it neutral but interesting with a statement necklace and fringe bag. The final touch would be a fun and funky fedora to protect your beautiful face from the summer sun's harsh rays.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Friday and Saturday Looks

This was yet another busy weekend for me. My upstairs neighbors were married on Saturday so Friday night was more of a relaxed night. My boyfriend and I decided to see The Dictator and I highly recommend that you see it too. I love Sacha Baron Cohen and am not really offended by anything that he does. I can see why some people are, but in my opinion it is something you just laugh off.

friday night outfit Cardigan- New York and Company

Tank- TJMaxx

Pants- Bullhead

Wedges- Steve Madden

Necklace- Vintage

Bag- Cynthia Rowley

For the wedding on Saturday I decided to do a day  look (for church) and an evening look.

Wedding Look One

Blazer- H&M

Dress- H&M

Bag- DSW

Shoes- Carlos Santana

Necklace- Mijourne

Ring- Gordon’s Jewelers


Such a great ring! I used to work for a jewelry store in college and I got this sterling silver ring with diamonds for under $100 when it was on clearance.

Wedding Look Two Dress- H&M

Shoes- Go Jane

Necklace- Just Fabulous (prize from blogging event)

Flower (in hair)- H&M

As you can see, I ditched the blazer for the reception and added some sparkling silver shoes and a flower in my hair. I was going to wear elbow length gloves but it was just too much with the necklace.

Michael and I Wedding

The photographer had some funny props so my boyfriend and I took advantage of it!

hotel dupont 1

hotel dupont 2

The wedding was the best that I have ever attended and I am sure that the pictures above can speak for themselves. The venue was the historic Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware. Above you will see their “gold” ballroom.

What did you do this weekend?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Vacation Series: A New England Beach

Today I am going to start my vacation series. Each week I will be posting a new outfit inspired by a different place. This week's outfit is inspired by a vacation to a New England beach. The look is very chic and nautical for long days on the shore and a seafood dinner at night. If you have any suggestions for a locale for next week feel free to leave a comment below and you just might see your vacation location (and a link to your blog) on here!

P.S. As usual, every piece below is under $50 (you'll need to save for the lobster). Click each item to go to the retailer.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What to Wear to a Fashion-Based Job Interview

If you are hoping to get a job working in fashion you need to look the part. Unlike many other jobs that require a boring pantsuit for an interview, fashion-based jobs are different. Whether it be at a PR firm, a showroom, or even at a retail store, one must look fashionable. You will be judged by how you look and present yourself, this is fashion after all!

With a fashion-based job you can wear colors and prints, just don't get too crazy. Keep your prints simple and your colors muted. Do not wear neon or a mix of three prints. There is nothing wrong with some jewelry but remember to look clean and not have an arm party going on (aka any mixture of bracelets that slowly creep up to your elbow). What is my recommendation?

As you can see below, (all pieces are under $50 BTW) a nice knee-length printed dress adds some texture to your outfit and keeps your legs ladylike. A muted purple cardigan and yellow shoes will add a pop of color to your look (think complementary colors on the color wheel). A black tote is sure to keep you organized and some simple studs add a little edge to the bag. Finally, some statement hoops and a smart watch will pull your look together and keep you on time.

Click on each piece for info on where to purchase!

Don't forget to use the code 10%BridgeM until May 31st for 10% off a purchase of $40.00 at Jill Pineda.

Monday, May 14, 2012


If you like the statement necklaces from my last post, pre-order them both (or any other items totaling $40) on Jill Pineda's website and receive 10% off. That's right, spend $40 and get 10% off. Happy shopping!

Code: 10%BridgeM

Statement Necklaces That Make a Statement

Jill Pineda, a graduate of the School of Style like myself, is a stylist, designer, and curator of all things fashionable. On her site she sells bow ties that she designs which have gained a celebrity following. Besides her great variety of bow ties, Pineda also sells these great statement necklaces...

Bad necklace, $20

Bitch necklace, $20

At just $20, these necklaces are a great way to make a statement and turn some heads.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Five Statement Necklaces Under $50

Statement necklaces are a great way to add color to a basic outfit. True to their name, they DO make a statement. The best outfit to add a statement necklace to is one that includes a basic tee. Whenever you wear a statement necklace keep your other accessories simple as you don't want to overpower your look.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Pop of Tangerine

Everyone is talking about tangerine this year but I thought that instead of just talking,  I would put my words into action. A great place to start with this trend is a pair of shorts. Why mix blue with orange? They are complementary colors on the color wheel. 

orange whole shotBlouse- H&M

Belt- Thrifted

Shorts- Calvin Klein

Bag- From some grocery store in Italy I once visited

Necklace- Target

Watch- Fossil

Wedges- Famous Footwear 




How are you wearing tangerine this season?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Personal Style Post: Eastern State Penitentiary Edition

Yesterday I got to see one of Philadelphia’s most intimidating structures, the Eastern State Penitentiary. For many years I said that this was a place that I wanted to visit but never got around to it. During Halloween it becomes a haunted jail but to be honest I had no interest in seeing people in costume. I wanted to see this place in its own skin. I finally got my chance.

Many people claim that it is haunted and I can see why, but I didn’t see any ghosts. Now a tourist attraction, the Eastern State Penitentiary is open for tours daily.

esp  Hat- TJMaxx

Tee- Cynthia Rowley

Cardigan- H&M

Shorts- Vintage

Tights- TJMaxx

Bag- Big Buddha

Shoes- Big Buddha

esp 2

esp 3

If you are ever in Philadelphia, I highly suggest taking a visit to the Eastern State Penitentiary. If you use your student ID it is $8.00 for admission which is a ridiculous bargain. 

Monday, May 7, 2012


What is not to love about mint? There is mint tea, mojitos, and now a mint moment in the fashion world. Although Tangerine Tango is the Pantone Color of the Year, Mint was in their top ten list as well. The great thing about a color such as mint is the fact that so many people can wear it and wear it well. It will look good on the tan as well as the pale. If you are looking for ways to work this color into your wardrobe, look below for some mint-spiration!