Monday, May 21, 2012

Friday and Saturday Looks

This was yet another busy weekend for me. My upstairs neighbors were married on Saturday so Friday night was more of a relaxed night. My boyfriend and I decided to see The Dictator and I highly recommend that you see it too. I love Sacha Baron Cohen and am not really offended by anything that he does. I can see why some people are, but in my opinion it is something you just laugh off.

friday night outfit Cardigan- New York and Company

Tank- TJMaxx

Pants- Bullhead

Wedges- Steve Madden

Necklace- Vintage

Bag- Cynthia Rowley

For the wedding on Saturday I decided to do a day  look (for church) and an evening look.

Wedding Look One

Blazer- H&M

Dress- H&M

Bag- DSW

Shoes- Carlos Santana

Necklace- Mijourne

Ring- Gordon’s Jewelers


Such a great ring! I used to work for a jewelry store in college and I got this sterling silver ring with diamonds for under $100 when it was on clearance.

Wedding Look Two Dress- H&M

Shoes- Go Jane

Necklace- Just Fabulous (prize from blogging event)

Flower (in hair)- H&M

As you can see, I ditched the blazer for the reception and added some sparkling silver shoes and a flower in my hair. I was going to wear elbow length gloves but it was just too much with the necklace.

Michael and I Wedding

The photographer had some funny props so my boyfriend and I took advantage of it!

hotel dupont 1

hotel dupont 2

The wedding was the best that I have ever attended and I am sure that the pictures above can speak for themselves. The venue was the historic Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware. Above you will see their “gold” ballroom.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Lovely looks, love that turqoise and black dress! Congrats on the job!!



  2. Adorable looks.
    I would totally love it if you entered a giveaway I'm hosting for $75 to Sephora!
    Stop by my blog and enter!

  3. love the dress! super cute!

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