Friday, May 25, 2012

The Top 5 Things You Forget to Pack

Memorial Day Weekend is here and I am sure many of you may be hitting the road to travel to the beach or perhaps to visit family and friends. When packing (even for a weekend trip) it is easy to forget some key items that you need to make yourself comfortable.

1. Dirty Laundry Bag- Whether it be a plastic bag from the grocery store or something fancy you bought in the luggage aisle, you need a dirty laundry bag. This is especially important in the summer months when you are more active. Do you want your dress for dinner next to your workout clothes from the day before? NO.

2. Lint Roller- I have a mini that I travel with at ALL TIMES, not just for trips. No matter what size it is, this is a staple. It could be especially helpful when visiting someone with a dog or cat that sheds, something I experience when I visit my dad. Being covered in dog hair... not chic.

3. Vitamins- You should always take your vitamins! Get a small pill box and take enough with you to cover your trip. You want to keep your immune system boosted especially if you are staying in a hotel where God knows who or what virus stayed there last.

4. Extra Layers- I cannot tell you how many times my "It's summer, I don't need a sweater" attitude has made me miserable in a cold hotel room or beach house. Do yourself a favor and bring something long sleeved.

5. Bottle of Water and a Snack- This is really important, especially when driving by car or taking a train. Save yourself the money and fill a stainless steel water bottle before leaving. You will also be helping out the planet. Packing a healthy snack is a good idea too. This will save you the temptation of stopping for fast food or eating junk in the train terminal.

No matter where you are going this weekend or this summer, make a list! You'll be happy that you did when you reach your destination.

Safe travels and stay stylish!


  1. Great post, you're totally correct.... I've been on some trips that I forget a lot of vital stuffs I now make a list on my phone which makes packing a whole lot easier, thanks for the dirty laundry bag tip its a wonderful idea..now following via GFC...