Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What to Wear to a Fashion-Based Job Interview

If you are hoping to get a job working in fashion you need to look the part. Unlike many other jobs that require a boring pantsuit for an interview, fashion-based jobs are different. Whether it be at a PR firm, a showroom, or even at a retail store, one must look fashionable. You will be judged by how you look and present yourself, this is fashion after all!

With a fashion-based job you can wear colors and prints, just don't get too crazy. Keep your prints simple and your colors muted. Do not wear neon or a mix of three prints. There is nothing wrong with some jewelry but remember to look clean and not have an arm party going on (aka any mixture of bracelets that slowly creep up to your elbow). What is my recommendation?

As you can see below, (all pieces are under $50 BTW) a nice knee-length printed dress adds some texture to your outfit and keeps your legs ladylike. A muted purple cardigan and yellow shoes will add a pop of color to your look (think complementary colors on the color wheel). A black tote is sure to keep you organized and some simple studs add a little edge to the bag. Finally, some statement hoops and a smart watch will pull your look together and keep you on time.

Click on each piece for info on where to purchase!

Don't forget to use the code 10%BridgeM until May 31st for 10% off a purchase of $40.00 at Jill Pineda.


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