Saturday, June 9, 2012

5 Ways to Stay Cool and Look Good This Summer

It's that time of year in my part of the United States. While the days are long, the temperatures are growing along with the humidity. You realize that some of the clothes you wore a month or two ago simply just don't keep you cool in the heat of the impending summer. Despite the rising temperatures I am going to dispense some valuable advice to you on how to look good AND stay cool whether you are at work or on the beach. (And to my friends south of the Equator, bookmark this page for December)

1. Wear cotton- I know I probably sound like some weather advisory bulletin warning you to stay inside and keep your pets out of the sun, but it's true... Cotton is the fabric of summer (and apparently our lives as well). When people say that cotton "breathes", they are right. Unlike most synthetic fabrics like rayon or polyester, cotton allows your skin to feel light and unburdened. Check clothing tags before you make a purchase for the summer.

2. Avoid wearing dark colors- I know this can be difficult for some people, especially those who work in industries where long black pants may be part of the uniform. My best advice is if you don't have to wear dark colors, stick with something light.

3. Let your feet breathe- Flip flops and sandals will work best for your feet in the summer. If you have to wear heels or wedges make sure it is something with an open toe. An extra piece of advice would be to purchase some blister block as well. Your feet will be more prone to blisters in the summer when it is hot.

4. Own a hat- Hats are a huge trend every summer and you might think that it won't look right on you. Think again. If there is one accessory I get comments on it is my hats. They will keep the sun out of your eyes and off of your face. They can also eliminate the need for sunglasses making your eyes more visible.

5. Try out some new hair accessories- To the people who like their hair in their face on a hot day, I salute you. It just doesn't work for me. Hit up H&M or the hair accessory aisle at your local drug/chain store to find affordable accessories to keep your hair off of your face and keep your makeup looking fresh.

Do you have any tips for staying cool in the summer? Tell me below!

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  3. I love this post, I'm coming to the US next week so took note of your advice :) Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog.... I did stud the blazer myself xxx Lots of love xxx

  4. Great guide! I find that the hat can be a miss sometimes because it just makes my head really stuffy (hope that makes sense), though it does shade my dark hair from the sun.