Thursday, July 5, 2012

Other People's Trash: Fashion A-Z

Remember being a child and coming up with unique ways to remember the letters of the alphabet? Well I have made a fashion one to take you back to those days while picking up some valuable advice. Enjoy!

A is for accessories, the best way to add detail to an outfit
B is for bracelets, pile them up for an arm party
C is for color, because your closet will look much more interesting with it
D is for dresses, ditch your pants and give dresses a chance
E is for envelope clutches, perfect for a night out
F is for fur, the ultimate glamour piece
G is for Go Jane, super cheap clothes and accessories
H is for H&M, the best place to find trendworthy clothes
I is for ikat, the perfect tribal print
J is for Jeffery Campbell, the king of Litas
K is for kimono, an interesting piece that can be worn in many ways
L is for leopard, a classic neutral
M is for Marlyn Schiff Jewelry, where I am employed
N is for New York, fashion mecca
O is for outerwear, leather jackets are my favorite
P is for pumps, to elongate your legs
Q is for quilted purses, especially Chanel
R is for Rachel Zoe, stylist of all stylists
S is for street style, my true inspiration
T is for tangerine, this year's hottest color
U is for unique, how your style should be
V is for vintage, a truly special and affordable way to dress
W is for watches, a classic and timeless piece
X is for extra layers, something one should never be without
Y is for yellow gold, my favorite metal
Z is for zeal, you need it for a bold outfit

This alphabet is just my opinion of course! How would your fashion alphabet differ?

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