Sunday, August 26, 2012

Other People's Trash Review: Style Outside the Box

There is nothing I love more than a local fashion start up. When you live outside of a city it is generally rare to find one thriving. This, however, is not the case in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. My grandmother spent most of her adult years in Millersville, outside of Lancaster city, so I have a pretty good idea as to what life is like there. It is a beautiful area with kind people but one rarely thinks of a fashion hotspot when Lancaster comes to mind.

Thanks to Laura Adamson, the CEO of Style Outside the Box, Lancaster is now home to a fashion site where one can purchase unique items from independent designers. Each piece is one of a kind making your shopping experience a special one. Below I will review some of the items you can find on their site.

This first item prompts me to say that one can never have enough stationery. In today's world of emails and texts, it is nice to get a written letter. Make this a fun task for yourself by using creative greeting cards such as this one, complete with the leaning tower of Pisa.

If you are like me, you probably read a lot of magazines each year, especially during the spring and fall collections. For those of you who recycle you magazines, pat yourself on the back and pick up one of these picture frames made from recycled magazines. Your home can look good and you can feel good about this purchase.

While the following bags are categorized as "men's bags and luggage" I have to admit that I love them all. Many have the utilitarian look that is both chic and durable. This navy and black tote is my favorite.

As fall is arriving soon enough my thoughts have turned to coats and boots. Warm enough for a chilly morning yet not overwhelming this black trench provides you with coverage that is practical yet unique.

This watercolor print is a truly personal one. It is personal for me because the sample date is my birthday. This can also be personal for you as the date can be made into any of your choosing with your own choice of flowers. This is a great way to forever save a date.

Whatever your personal or gift needs may be, take a look at Style Outside the Box, where independent designers and luxury meet. You won't be disappointed.


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