Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pantone Colors: Fall 2012

Are you sick of this heat like me? I am sure you are. I get absolutely giddy when I walk into a store and see flip flops being replaced by boots. Do I hate summer? No, I love it. But when the summers are growing increasingly warmer it is hard to "have fun in the sun" without my face melting off (thank you Smashbox primer). So as we get into mid-August I am ready to trade in my tank tops for cardigans and my sandals for some knee-high boots.

Many people often ask me if they can wear their summer clothes in the winter. My response is usually yes. I do it all the time. If you take a peek below you will see that a lot of fall's colors are actually rather bright.

That Labor Day law has been abolished, my friends. No need to fear chartreuse or tangerine for the fall. When you get to thinking about it, most "fashion laws" are becoming obsolete.

I was recently in NYC for the Circuit Accessorie show and saw a multitude of people committing what the general public would consider crimes of fashion. Carry on I say, as they were wearing what made sense to them and not what makes sense to everyone else.

So this fall throw on some Bright Chartreuse pants with a Tangerine Tango top and accessorize with a Pink Flambé clutch. I dare you.

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