Friday, August 17, 2012

The Perfect Weekend Look

Relax! It's the weekend. That means your clothes should relax too. Bring on the bright colors and fun prints because you have 48 hours to shop, discover, eat, drink, and be merry. What do I love about the outfit below? Well, first off, every piece is under $50. You can't beat that!

I also love the mixture of colors. Orange and blue are complementary colors therefore the pairing in thought may not work but it is visually pleasing to eye. Green adds an extra pop. Leopard in my opinion is the new neutral. Equal parts tan and black, it can be worn with pretty much anything. Wearing flats when participating in weekend activities is always a good call, your feet will thank you.

Add some sunglasses and a colorful bag and you are good to go.

Best places to "style watch" on the weekends:
1. Brunch hotspots
2. Flea markets or thrift stores
3. Parks
4. Concerts
5. Street fairs

What are your weekend staples?

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