Monday, September 3, 2012

10 Ways to Rework Items Sitting in Your Closet

1. Take the belt that came with your favorite sundress and forget about it. Keep all your belts together and mix and match.

2. Take three thin scarves of a similar color palette. Make a knot then braid the scarves. Knot the other end. Voila! A braided hair scarf.

3. If you have brogues, take out the laces and replace with large gold baby pins for a Balmain-esque look. You can easily find these pins at any craft store.

4. Think about your old Halloween costumes. Fishnets or elbow length gloves can be worn with cocktail dresses.

5. Take an old brooch and pin it on a fedora for some extra flair.

6. Have shoes with scuffed tips? Find a marker that is a close match and fill them in. It sounds silly but it can really work if it is a close enough match.

7. Shop a male's closet for great blazers or button downs that can be worn as tunics.

8. Consider using an old tote or backpack for holding smaller bags, like clutches or wallets.

9. Use an old scarf to create wall art. Grab some canvas and a stapler for some quick decoration.

10. Take an old denim jacket and cut off the sleeves for a denim vest.

What ways do you rework your closet?

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