Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Part One: Zombie-licious

It's my favorite time of year... Halloween! In order to save some cash I decided to reuse my costume from last year. Considering I wore it one night (due to the snow storm that took place on Saturday) I figured I could add some special effects to make me a Playboy Bunny zombie. 

I want to start my review on my costume thus far by saying that I give a lot of credit to any special effects makeup artists. It takes A LOT of patience and a good hand to make yourself into something scary. 

Costume: This is probably the easiest part considering I wore it last year. My costume consists of a body suit bustier, tights, heels, and the necessary bunny accessories (ears, cuffs, and neckpiece). 

Hair: I love doing this as a zombie because my least favorite part of getting ready on any given day is doing my hair. What does it take to get messy zombie hair? Not much talent. I simply put my hair in hot rollers and teased it up afterwards. To add some extra dead effects I sprayed some white hair color on my bird's nest of a hairdo. 

Makeup: I have to do my makeup again tonight and I am not looking forward to it. IT'S A LOT OF WORK. I can't wear that gross cream makeup they sell for .99 cents at Target because it will make me break out. Therefore I had to make myself look dead with eyeshadow. Not too much fun. 

Too make my green eyes pop I used purple eyeshadow around my sockets as well as purple eyeliner. I really, really wanted fake contacts but apparently wearing those without a prescription (I don't have contacts to begin with) is very dangerous. So no white out eyes for me. 

One of the easiest parts of being a zombie is applying a prosthetic. You simply apply some liquid latex and slap it on your face. I used some toilet paper around the edges of my prosthetic to help blend it into my real skin.Mine looks like bacon, I know. At the end of the night I was ready to rip it off my face because it gets itchy and makes the left side of my face stiff. 

Probably one of my favorite parts of the costume is fake blood. The stuff is idiot proof and adds an extra layer of fun to your slashed face. It comes off super easy too. 

More pictures to come after tonight... 

What are you being for Halloween?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scary and Stylish: Movies Just in Time for Halloween

I love scary movies! Whether they are cult classics from my childhood or the horror movies of modern day, they are a must-watch for Halloween. I am sure when you think of scary movies you don't necessarily think of fashion or style. If this is the case, think again! Below I am going to list some of my favorite frightful films filled with fabulous fashion.

1. The Birds

Tippi Hedren was the epitome of chic in this classic film where a small New England town is terrorized by just about every kind of bird imaginable. Despite the terror that ensues, she keeps her hair perfect and her fur coat looking fresh. Alfred Hitchcock can do no wrong in my book.

2. Carrie

Poor Carrie. I have always felt bad for her in this movie and will continue to do so every time I watch it. Despite the fact she gets blood dumped all over her, she really does look beautiful in her white satin dress and sparkling tiara. Those kids got what they deserved if you ask me.

3. A Clockwork Orange

This is one of the most sinister movies ever made in my opinion. Alex and his droogs are a band of delinquents that love to steal, kill, and rape their victims. Despite their bad behavior their uniforms have become one of the most recognizable in movie history. Who ever thought that one set of fake eyelashes could make such a statement?

4. Beetlejuice

The kooky cast of this classic film has stood the test of time as memorable and fashionable. My favorite accessory at this dinner scene? Delia's sideburns.

5. Hocus Pocus (just for fun)

I know, I know... this isn't a horror movie or even a scary one at that. Okay, maybe it did scare me when I was little. My main point is that I think just about every little girl wanted to be Sarah Jessica Parker when they watched this. She looked pretty and had an awesome costume as did many of the other characters who wore period pieces.

What scary movie(s) do you find fashionable? Let me know below!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10 Fashionable Reasons to Love Fall

1. Knee socks or over the knee socks can make any outfit warmer with a touch of sass.

2. You can start adding fur to your outfits little by little.

3. It's time to break out your boots, whether they skim your ankles or hug your thighs.

4. You can wear your leather jacket all the time.

5. Layering becomes your new art form.

6. You can buy tights in just about every color and print.

7. Your best accessory is a hot drink that involves apples or pumpkins.

8. Scarves can add some extra layering and add a pop of color to your outfit.

9. No more makeup melting!

10. Cold mornings and lazy weekend afternoons provide ample time to catch up on fashion magazines.

Fall is my favorite season, what about you?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Fun Day!

Well, it has happened. I have brought out the faux fur. Perhaps a little unnecessary today but I love it nonetheless. Today is the season premiere of The Walking Dead and I couldn't be more excited to keep up the tradition of watching the show with our friends. 

I am loving this outfit as it goes with my experiment of mixing prints, like stripes and leopard. 

Denim shirt- Target
Striped Tee- Mac and Jac
Faux fur vest- Rachel Zoe for QVC
Pants- Bullhead
Booties- Libby Edelman
Necklace- Vintage

The perfect width of a heel for a boost in height that is comfortable. 

Love this vintage necklace that I found on Etsy. 

My boyfriend Michael looking good in his plaid shirt and olive green pants.

In the upcoming weeks I am going to be running a giveaway on my blog. You must follow me on here using Google Friend Connect as well as on Twitter (@BridgetMarowski). Stay tuned for updates!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend Inspiration: Fashionable Parties in Cinema and Television History

It's the weekend and some of you may be in the mood to have a party, go to a party, or spend the night in watching movies with fabulous parties. While it seems the "theme party" is making a comeback, we have strayed from the path of class and elegance when it comes to getting together with friends. At one time people dressed up for a party, and I don't mean dressing themselves in their best pair of jeans.

People wore glamorous outfits that consisted of fur, feathers, sequins, polished shoes, and suits. Drinks were simple and people used socializing to keep themselves busy rather than the slew of drinking games that has evolved over the years. Oh yea, people DANCED too. I don't know about you but I want to be a part of all the parties below.


The party scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's is the most glamorous party scene in history, at least in my opinion. Holly Golightly's small apartment is transformed into an eclectic grouping of men and women who love to let go and look fashionable. Some highlights include women in beautifully crafted hats, gold cigarette holders, watches on ankles, and jewels galore.

Party must haves:
-Elbow length gloves
- Pearls, diamonds, or both
- A hat or hair accessory of some kind
- A wristwatch around your ankle (something I want to do for shock value)
- Lots and lots of mascara and a red lip

Auntie Mame has always been a favorite movie of mine. Rosalind Russell starred as the oh so glamorous Auntie Mame, a women who suddenly becomes guardian to her late (and estranged) brother's son. Before she takes on her role as an aunt, she hosts a few parties that are lavish and eccentric. Monkeys, afghan hounds,  and foreign royalty are some of the characters that make an appearance at her apartment.

Party must haves:
- Fur (real or faux)
- Sequined anything
- Some sort of animal (the more exotic, the better)
- A turban
- Drinks galore

This final party may not be filled with old school glamour, but it is glamorous nonetheless. This scene is from Sex and the City during an episode entitled Cock A Doodle Do. The setting of a Manhattan rooftop filled with good friends, trannies, and flirtinis sounds like a good time to me.

Party must haves:
- A cool location
- A fun twist on a classic drink
- Local neighborhood trannies, gays, or just plain fabulous people
- Necessary decorations such as outdoor lighting for ambience
- A big flower brooch for accessorizing

What are your favorite fashionable parties from movies/tv shows? Tell me below!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Are the September Issues of Fashion Magazines a Waste of Money?

If anyone loves fashion as much as I do you probably read the September issues of every magazine out there. Each fashion glossy has one and it seems that every year they get thicker. This year Vogue resembled a metro telephone book. Unfortunately the size of the magazine is the draw for most people. Hundreds of pages of fashion is alluring and tempting but once you open it you realize that there is much more quantity than quality within the issue. Ads, ads, and more ads is what you will find in the first few pages and by first few I mean first fifty. By the time I get to the editor's letter I feel that I have flipped through a normal magazine. While the ads are gorgeous, I like to see some text here and there. I know magazines make their money through advertisements but this year's issues have really gone into a new territory of ridiculousness. If the space used for ads could be used on editorials, the September issues would be much more enticing. After seeing a Hilfiger advertisement ten times it gets boring, I don't care how awesome the layering is of each outfit or how cute the face is on that Bassett Hound. What did you think of this year's September issues? I'd love to know below!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oh Zara, How I Love Thee

During a recent business trip to NYC, I made many observations on personal style. Being that it was a fashion trade show, the place is crawling with the oh so stylish, beautiful, and skinny. Note: Nothing will kill your confidence quite like a fashion trade show.

Anyways, I began to notice a lot of people wearing the same leopard pants and faux leather skirt. Coincidence? No. Zara? Yes.

For those of you who don't know what Zara is, you need to know immediately.

My first experience in one was in Mexico when I was studying abroad. Between Zara and Mango I thought I had landed on another planet. The mannequins were dressed in chic displays of restrained fashion. At the time I was still madly in love with Forever 21 and almost felt slightly embarrassed in such a posh store with my neon and crazy prints.

As time goes buy, more and more Zara stores have popped up in the US, we even have one in Philadelphia. It is a great store to get a little extra quality for not much more money.

See my fall favorites below.

This trench with faux leather detailing is a great way to explore this season's leather trend without going overboard.
This sheep leather skirt was a fan favorite that I saw among the fashion crowd.
This beautiful picot cape is amazing. The detailing on the shoulders adds some extra sparkle, perfect for a chilly fall day.
I am loving this embroidered lace top. Obviously most of us would need to wear at least a bra with it. Nevertheless, it a incredibly romantic and very date-worthy.
This messenger bag mixes black with chestnut brown in such a perfect way. Despite what some people think, I love this color combination. Whether this is used as a purse or travel bag, the possibilities are endless.

What are your favorites from Zara? Tell me below!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Style Diary: Cape Cod

I recently took a vacation to Cape Cod with my boyfriend Michael. We had a fabulous time exploring all the Cape had to offer. Along the way I documented my outfits for this post.
This picture was taken on an elevated platform on the beach across the street from our house. I think the perfect way to transition wedges from summer to fall is to pair them up with some tights. Leopard is the must have neutral for the fall.
Pre-dinner picture in front of our house. If you are afraid of floral prints try pairing them with some black accessories for an edge.
Nautical is the best way to go on the Cape, however cliche it may be. Make it glamorous with a blazer and sequined skirt.
Denim on denim is a hot trend for the fall. Use two different tones to avoid the Canadian Tuxedo look. It is a trend that is sure to keep you casual and comfortable.
Metallic jeans are one of the hottest trends this fall. Gold is just about as neutral as it gets should this trend scare you. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral to avoid clashing.
Houndstooth is one of my favorite prints. In place of the regular black and white print, I opted for this great black and hot pink dress from H&M. It tends to get windy on the Cape so a hat is a must for your packing list. What are your must haves for vacation? Tell me below!