Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Are the September Issues of Fashion Magazines a Waste of Money?

If anyone loves fashion as much as I do you probably read the September issues of every magazine out there. Each fashion glossy has one and it seems that every year they get thicker. This year Vogue resembled a metro telephone book. Unfortunately the size of the magazine is the draw for most people. Hundreds of pages of fashion is alluring and tempting but once you open it you realize that there is much more quantity than quality within the issue. Ads, ads, and more ads is what you will find in the first few pages and by first few I mean first fifty. By the time I get to the editor's letter I feel that I have flipped through a normal magazine. While the ads are gorgeous, I like to see some text here and there. I know magazines make their money through advertisements but this year's issues have really gone into a new territory of ridiculousness. If the space used for ads could be used on editorials, the September issues would be much more enticing. After seeing a Hilfiger advertisement ten times it gets boring, I don't care how awesome the layering is of each outfit or how cute the face is on that Bassett Hound. What did you think of this year's September issues? I'd love to know below!

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