Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Part One: Zombie-licious

It's my favorite time of year... Halloween! In order to save some cash I decided to reuse my costume from last year. Considering I wore it one night (due to the snow storm that took place on Saturday) I figured I could add some special effects to make me a Playboy Bunny zombie. 

I want to start my review on my costume thus far by saying that I give a lot of credit to any special effects makeup artists. It takes A LOT of patience and a good hand to make yourself into something scary. 

Costume: This is probably the easiest part considering I wore it last year. My costume consists of a body suit bustier, tights, heels, and the necessary bunny accessories (ears, cuffs, and neckpiece). 

Hair: I love doing this as a zombie because my least favorite part of getting ready on any given day is doing my hair. What does it take to get messy zombie hair? Not much talent. I simply put my hair in hot rollers and teased it up afterwards. To add some extra dead effects I sprayed some white hair color on my bird's nest of a hairdo. 

Makeup: I have to do my makeup again tonight and I am not looking forward to it. IT'S A LOT OF WORK. I can't wear that gross cream makeup they sell for .99 cents at Target because it will make me break out. Therefore I had to make myself look dead with eyeshadow. Not too much fun. 

Too make my green eyes pop I used purple eyeshadow around my sockets as well as purple eyeliner. I really, really wanted fake contacts but apparently wearing those without a prescription (I don't have contacts to begin with) is very dangerous. So no white out eyes for me. 

One of the easiest parts of being a zombie is applying a prosthetic. You simply apply some liquid latex and slap it on your face. I used some toilet paper around the edges of my prosthetic to help blend it into my real skin.Mine looks like bacon, I know. At the end of the night I was ready to rip it off my face because it gets itchy and makes the left side of my face stiff. 

Probably one of my favorite parts of the costume is fake blood. The stuff is idiot proof and adds an extra layer of fun to your slashed face. It comes off super easy too. 

More pictures to come after tonight... 

What are you being for Halloween?


  1. Bridget:
    Please tell me that's not real bacon. Please.
    Oh: And you have NEVER looked better!
    Thanks for coming to DeSales Univ (www.desales.edu) for the reading of the play based on my memoir, "My Father's Heart." It was great to see you, and I really appreciate you and Mike making the trip.
    Showing you guys around the school inspired me to write this blogpost:
    on my new site www.centaurseasons.com
    Again, thanks for coming to the reading, and enjoy Halloween.
    Stv McK

  2. ah totally scary, I love it!

    xo Jessica
    -check it out!-