Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oh Zara, How I Love Thee

During a recent business trip to NYC, I made many observations on personal style. Being that it was a fashion trade show, the place is crawling with the oh so stylish, beautiful, and skinny. Note: Nothing will kill your confidence quite like a fashion trade show.

Anyways, I began to notice a lot of people wearing the same leopard pants and faux leather skirt. Coincidence? No. Zara? Yes.

For those of you who don't know what Zara is, you need to know immediately.

My first experience in one was in Mexico when I was studying abroad. Between Zara and Mango I thought I had landed on another planet. The mannequins were dressed in chic displays of restrained fashion. At the time I was still madly in love with Forever 21 and almost felt slightly embarrassed in such a posh store with my neon and crazy prints.

As time goes buy, more and more Zara stores have popped up in the US, we even have one in Philadelphia. It is a great store to get a little extra quality for not much more money.

See my fall favorites below.

This trench with faux leather detailing is a great way to explore this season's leather trend without going overboard.
This sheep leather skirt was a fan favorite that I saw among the fashion crowd.
This beautiful picot cape is amazing. The detailing on the shoulders adds some extra sparkle, perfect for a chilly fall day.
I am loving this embroidered lace top. Obviously most of us would need to wear at least a bra with it. Nevertheless, it a incredibly romantic and very date-worthy.
This messenger bag mixes black with chestnut brown in such a perfect way. Despite what some people think, I love this color combination. Whether this is used as a purse or travel bag, the possibilities are endless.

What are your favorites from Zara? Tell me below!

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