Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend Inspiration: Fashionable Parties in Cinema and Television History

It's the weekend and some of you may be in the mood to have a party, go to a party, or spend the night in watching movies with fabulous parties. While it seems the "theme party" is making a comeback, we have strayed from the path of class and elegance when it comes to getting together with friends. At one time people dressed up for a party, and I don't mean dressing themselves in their best pair of jeans.

People wore glamorous outfits that consisted of fur, feathers, sequins, polished shoes, and suits. Drinks were simple and people used socializing to keep themselves busy rather than the slew of drinking games that has evolved over the years. Oh yea, people DANCED too. I don't know about you but I want to be a part of all the parties below.


The party scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's is the most glamorous party scene in history, at least in my opinion. Holly Golightly's small apartment is transformed into an eclectic grouping of men and women who love to let go and look fashionable. Some highlights include women in beautifully crafted hats, gold cigarette holders, watches on ankles, and jewels galore.

Party must haves:
-Elbow length gloves
- Pearls, diamonds, or both
- A hat or hair accessory of some kind
- A wristwatch around your ankle (something I want to do for shock value)
- Lots and lots of mascara and a red lip

Auntie Mame has always been a favorite movie of mine. Rosalind Russell starred as the oh so glamorous Auntie Mame, a women who suddenly becomes guardian to her late (and estranged) brother's son. Before she takes on her role as an aunt, she hosts a few parties that are lavish and eccentric. Monkeys, afghan hounds,  and foreign royalty are some of the characters that make an appearance at her apartment.

Party must haves:
- Fur (real or faux)
- Sequined anything
- Some sort of animal (the more exotic, the better)
- A turban
- Drinks galore

This final party may not be filled with old school glamour, but it is glamorous nonetheless. This scene is from Sex and the City during an episode entitled Cock A Doodle Do. The setting of a Manhattan rooftop filled with good friends, trannies, and flirtinis sounds like a good time to me.

Party must haves:
- A cool location
- A fun twist on a classic drink
- Local neighborhood trannies, gays, or just plain fabulous people
- Necessary decorations such as outdoor lighting for ambience
- A big flower brooch for accessorizing

What are your favorite fashionable parties from movies/tv shows? Tell me below!

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