Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Recap of My Favorite Looks from 2012

It was surely a year of interesting and fun outfits for me! I had a lot of fun looking back and I hope you do too!

This outfit was all about neon! It definitely has a retro feel to it but with a modern twist. 

This was such a great shirt! It eventually got a huge hole in it! The price I pay for buying cheap sometimes...

My "church look" for my friends' wedding. I had never worn this dress but was glad that I finally found a time to do so. 

And now the party look! My glitter shoes were a big hit! 

Pretty polka dots! A great dress that can be dressed up or dressed down. 

My Nila Anthony bag that I love to pieces!

A great dress from Sugarlips Apparel at Sea Isle City in New Jersey. This really makes me miss the summer.

Posing on a lifeguard stand in Dennisport, Massachusetts during a vacation to Cape Cod with my boyfriend.

Sitting on a picnic table near our cottage in Cape Cod. It was one of the warmest days during our vacation there as you can see the difference from the photo above. 

All-denim look on Marconi Beach at the National Seashore. A true wonder for the eyes. 

An old man told me that he "liked my hat" as I was posing for this picture at the JFK Memorial in Hyannis, Massachusetts. 

Which of the above looks is your favorite? 

If you have a favorite look of yours from 2012 please leave a link with your comment! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Rainy Day Look

This shot was taken last Sunday which happened to be a cold and rainy day here in Pennsylvania. Just because the weather is miserable does not mean you cannot be chic.

Umbrella- Totes
Scarf- Old Navy
Raincoat- My boyfriend's grandmother's vintage piece
Bag- DSW
Rainboots- Calvin Klein 

I am currently feeling under the weather so I apologize in the short post! I hope that everyone's holiday seasons are off to a fabulous start. Finish up those lists! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Top Ten Holiday Wardrobe Dont's

Whether you are hosting at your house or headed to a holiday party, here are some wise words to live by in the coming weeks.

1. Don't wear something that is uncomfortable.
I know this sounds stupid but if you aren't comfortable in what you are wearing it will show. When trying on your holiday outfit do what you would do at a party. Stand up, sit down, bend over, and dance around. If you feel self-conscious doing these things then find something else to wear.

2. Don't be too comfortable.
At the other end of the spectrum are people who feel that sweatpants can be made chic on the holidays. WRONG. Pull yourself together and have fun with what you are wearing. There are plenty of ways to look good and feel cozy.

3. Don't forget to layer up.
Depending on where you live, layers may be necessary around Christmas time. If it is cold wear a coat and two other layers in case you become warm when you arrive at your destination.

4. Don't neglect your accessories.
The holidays are the one time when I recommend you go all out. So add some sparkle, sparkle, and more sparkle. You can add bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and even hair accessories for some added shine.

5. Don't forget to wear an apron.
I do not care how silly you feel. If you are cooking a large holiday meal you need an apron to protect your clothes.

6. Don't wear ridiculous shoes.
I love heels as much as you do but if you are going to be in a casual setting try to keep your shoes sensible. If you are going to a formal party then heels are fine, just use insoles to keep your feet happy on the dance floor.

7. Don't bring a huge purse with you.
The holidays are a time for relaxation. So unless you have a baby leave the big purse at home. Your hosts will thank you too as you will be taking up less of their coat closet space.

8. Don't forget to browse your closet before dropping cash on a new outfit.
You will be surprised at what you may find in your closet. Take a look through what you have and find creative ways to rework each piece. A red bridesmaid dress can be turned into a holiday dress with just a few accessories.

9. Don't neglect your hair, makeup, and nails.
This is obvious advice. If your hair needs to be colored then get it  colored. If your nails look like you have been washing dishes for days, get a manicure. If you feel bored with your makeup watch some YouTube tutorials, there are thousands.

10. Don't forget to smile.
We all have activities we dread during the holidays but your smile is your best accessory, so grin and bear it!