Saturday, January 26, 2013

10 Signs You Need a Personal Stylist

Many people know that I am a blogger but few know that I am a fashion stylist as well. During college my love of fashion grew and became something worth pursuing. Thanks to Luke Storey and Lauren Messiah of The School of Style I was able to attain the knowledge needed to become a stylist and help others feel better about their personal image. That being said, below are ten signs that scream... "I need a stylist!" 

1. You are inspired by the outfits and looks of others but feel that you couldn't pull off the same look or could never be that creative.  

My response: This is so not true. We are all creative in our own ways, some more than others. For those who feel less creative you can use the help of a stylist to inspire you to take risks! 

2. Your clothes are faded, worn, or even torn. 

My response: These items need to go. Part of the services that I offer is a closet consultation where we go through the items in your wardrobe and decide what gets tossed, donated, and kept in your closet. Afterwards the help of a personal stylist is vital to rebuild your wardrobe and create new looks. 

3. Your clothes don't fit you anymore. 

My response: Whether you are losing weight (kudos) or gaining weight (it happens to the best of us) you MUST dress for your shape. This can be especially difficult during weight gain but shoving your body into pants that are two sizes too small is not going to make you look better. A well-trained stylist such as myself can help you dress for your body and feel confident. 

4. You have a certain budget for clothing.

My response: Having a clothing budget is great. It sets limits and gives your stylist an idea of where she or he can shop for you. I have styled clients using clothes from just TJMaxx alone. There is nothing wrong with shopping smart! 

5. You have a special event coming up in the near future. 

My response: Save yourself the stress of wardrobe worries and hire a stylist! Whether it is a wedding, class reunion, or holiday party a stylist can work with you to make heads turn. 

6. You hate shopping. 

My response: Despite the fact the I LOVE shopping, I know many people who detest it and that is okay. Hire me to do the work for you! Part of my personal styling services is bringing the clothes to you! I do the shopping and deliver the clothes in the comfort of your home so that you can eliminate the stresses of dressing room frustration. 

7. You don't understand color. 

My response: Color is a huge part of fashion. I have been asked many times how I thought to put two or more colors together and the answer is simple... the color wheel. Every color has a partner and sometimes you need a stylist to help you see the harmony that exists between them. 

8. You are opposed to trying new things. 

My response: There is nothing that I love more than putting together an outfit that my client is hesitant to try only to find out that they love it. So you think you hate sequins? That could be true and that is okay but you never know if you don't try something new. 

9. You hate packing for trips. 

My response: Packing for a vacation or business trip can be stressful but only if you make it that way. I have a great technique for packing that will eliminate headaches (unless you drink too many margaritas on the beach). 

10. You are tired of your work wardrobe.

My response: I firmly believe the days of boring work wear are over. There is a lot more room for creativity in various career fields today so hiring a stylist could be a fun way to make your work week fresh and exciting. 

As you can see below I can provide a wide range of services to my clients. Choose a service (or two) and tell me how I can help you! 

- Personal Shopping 
- Event styling
- Closet Organization 
- Coloring Consultation
- Online Fashion Consultation
- Lookbook Creation 
- Travel/Packing Consultation 
- Teen/Prom Styling

If you live in the Greater Philadelphia/New York area I would be happy to assist you in creating a new look for yourself that will inspire confidence and make you feel like a new person. You are worth it! 

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